So who are you? Who are those who you call into your reality? If they truly are yourself what are they saying to yourself? Every conflict or every moment of paradise is a reflection of one’s internal being. As we have stated, in times past, you are only dis-empowered by that which you perceive to be outside of yourself. So if there is conflict in your world, there is conflict within you.

If there is alienation within your life, there is alienation within you. If there is harmony in your life, there is harmony in you.

In this current evolutionary process on your planet, with vibrations increasing to the cusp of the fourth dimension, any conflict within your self, created from the perception of separation becomes like a pebble in a shoe irritating each step you take on your soul’s path. The dimensional shift is holographic in nature, and as you move triumphantly into the fourth dimension, you must leave behind the perception of separateness.

There is no vindictiveness in the universe and consequence is the product of learning not punishment. There is simply choice. One must make a choice to either honor that all is one or the perception of separateness that leads to alienation. How does one know which they are choosing? One may espouse one thing and act otherwise.

The answer is quite simple: If one feels powerless, one is choosing the illusion of separation.

Each conflict within yourself is an “alarm” to direct you into yourself to find that place of power. The illusion is if you let go of your outward concerns, become detached from those things you deem important in your life, that you will lose them. And perhaps the opposite is true for the only place of security is in oneself.

The outward expressions of health, career, relationship and finance are simply vehicles to provide the eternal concepts of love, abundance, health and well-being. When you go within yourself in the midst of the greatest of chaos that which you have desired will not have been taken from you. Your world is in a turbulent storm and you must stand in the center of the wheel, you must stand in the eye of the hurricane to survive.

The eye of the storm is you where you are not tossed and turned by the winds of change and the light of awareness guides your path.

You are preparing to celebrate a change in administrations within your country. We will not advocate or promote any political agenda or make comment at this time on the faults and failings of any administration. Yet what we do wish to note that it has reinvigorated your country to hope, but hope is easily dashed when one does not reinforce that with positive and reaffirming action toward goals. Your country has been accused of aggression, decadence, corruption/ You are being called upon to tighten your belts, become better stewards, more thoughtful in the use of your resources. These same mandates can be applied to the individual to become more responsible for the utilization of one’s resources and energies.

If we were to make an overall comment about your country, it became a little distracted in what the world had to offer, rather than what it could offer to the world.

How you perceive these events in your personal lives and the collective whole are determined by your choice to look for the light at the beginning of a new dawn or to focus upon the darkness, for wherever there is a dawn, there is a dusk–and it is your choice which you wish to perceive?