Detachment is a concept that almost every spiritual belief has embraced. It seemingly holds the secret, or perhaps a key, to freedom. Being human is, indeed, a unique experience within the universal community. It is fraught with both pleasures and delights, anxiety and pain. To be invested or not invested in the outcome of one’s life, career, finances, relationships and health, is to experience a seemingly dangerous precipice between holding on to what one perceives and letting go into the seemingly unknown.

Your brother, Jesus, taught to be in the world, not of it. The Buddha spoke of total detachment. There lies the dichotomy: Does one ignore their world, their health, their bank account under the assumption that some unseen hand will save them from their fall into financial ruin, illness, or dysfunctional relationships?

We are to take care of our “house.” Each of you have experienced “trusting” a higher power to solve our third dimensional problems, to abdicate responsibility in the hopes of a savior, only to experience that no one was there to catch you from your fall.

You are well aware that your society, your country, and you, yourself, are facing challenges on all levels.

Perhaps you read this having just lost a job, or your health care, or your retirement funds have been slashed in half. You feel powerless, vulnerable and a victim. Your mind spins with “what ifs,” and your soul is burdened by the guilt perceived of wrong choices.

So here we are, drifting in the ether above your planet. Perhaps it has crossed your mind to thrust your finger heavenward and say, “Why don’t you care? Why don’t you help? How do you know what we humans feel?” The answer to your earnest question is not to objectify the problem from the person. We understand because we are abundance. We are health. We are love, and we are you.

We understand, and as we seek to teach you, that you are not separate from anything that you perceive and that whatever you are experiencing in your life is part of you, and because it is part of you–you are powerful. You only become dis-empowered when you perceive something outside yourself. For once it is placed outside yourself, you are no longer in control to change it. Every change must come from within.

Detachment is the disconnection from the illusion that what you perceive in your life is outside yourself.

As always when we present a concept, we present an answer. When you create the illusion that something exists outside of yourself, the insidious result in consciousness is that you become dependent upon it. You create a codependent relationship with your reality. You are constantly, incessantly trying to fix it so you will be okay. It is probably one of the greatest wastes of human energy.

Humanity surrenders its power to these external beliefs in a vain attempt to secure its existence. Again, detachment is severing the cord of separation from the illusion of individuality. We are you and you are we. And you become empowered in all things when you release the conscious bonds of separation.

If an individual experiences the illusion that we are silent to your needs, you have not released the concept of separation. Perhaps, what you are experiencing in your society, in your world, in your individual lives, could be — and you know it to be true — is created to break that dependency to that which you perceive has power over you. As in any codependent relationship it will turn on you. So in essence you are turning on yourself.

The inner voice is calling you to task. To re-empower yourselves, to place your identity, your strength, your well being in the fortress of Oneness.

For once you are open to even the possibility that you aredetachment one with everything, the deep recesses of your soul, of your wounded heart and your chaotic psyche will be filled with peace and tranquility, serenity and love.

For some these may seem like pretty words, but we are inviting each of you on a journey, a journey triggered by a desire deep within your soul and a world that no longer seems safe. We will lovingly and gently, as a parent leads a child to take its first step, guide you into the new dimension that is awakening upon your planet.

What is the answer? The answer is simply the willingness to be willing to consider that there is nothing outside yourself.

Now you can see why self-love is so important. For some of you are not so ready to invite your world into yourself, you love others more than yourself, they are safer outside yourself. It is easier to put responsibility for your career, your health on the shoulders of an external individuals and circumstances. The only peace is in the understanding and the self-acceptance of the truth of one’s being.

We wish to comfort you on your quest by the very fact that if you are reading these words means that you have already succeeded. For we not only speak to you from your present and your past, we speak to you from your future where you will sit upon the throne of dominion in your life in the light of the Oneness of All That Is.

For we are the One Mind and the One Thought, and we have come to take you home.