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Calm Amid Chaos

The awakening of humanity is as sure as the rising of the sun in the eastern horizon; yet, one must choose to participate, to accept, and be open to that awakening. Much of the chaos you have experienced in your society, your world, and your personal lives is a direct result in the rising levels of consciousness that is occurring upon your planet. One need only to accept this shift, be willing to participate and to allow one to flow with the rising waters of human consciousness. When one struggles they defeat the purpose of life’s challenges and limit their ability to be successful in reaching their goals.
Most individuals drown from trying too hard.
So as you experience these rising waters of consciousness, the old established belief systems will crumble and be washed away by the waves of a new awareness. The old paradigms of religion, finance and government must be willing to shift if they have any hope to survive in a reality where greed, force and control are no longer powerful factors in the consciousness of humanity.

If greed, control, force and even deceit, are being disempowered in the light of a new dawn of eternal awareness, what new constructs, […]

February 16th, 2009|Awakening, Physicality|


The Eternal Concept of Abundance
Financial stability, financial abundance, and the flow of prosperity come from an energetic focus in which you are the initiator. You are the source, and you are the recipient. You see prosperity is like a boomerang, it returns to its source. What are the internal processes that make you receptive and available to the abundance of the universe flowing through you or what hinders you from that flow?

Humanity has a tendency to easily identify the incoming flow but not the true source, meaning you have a job, an inheritance or a gift from someone you perceive as coming from somewhere outside yourself as if you had no participation in it. Your prosperity is controlled by outside forces that you are vulnerable to. Where in reality, prosperity and abundance shine like the sun equally and without discrimination on all of God’s creations. Yet, one can lock themselves in a windowless room, hide in the shadow of a tree or simply choose to close their eyes and not take advantage of the light around them.
You are the total and complete originator of abundance in your life.
It is the act of opening your eyes, stepping […]

February 11th, 2009|Physicality|

One liners from the One Mind

Let all the good things you do and all the good things that will come your way be an expression of the meaning of your life, not the source of it.

Physicality is the outward expression of consciousness. Everything you physically experience is born of the internal awareness.

Remember in all these conversations, we are sharing because you are so close, not because you are so far, we are refining and defining the path. It is going to happen in the twinkling of an eye, in a moment, in an instant when you least expect it the veil will fall and the internal reality of who you are will spill forth into your world.

Remembering that what you project outward is the source and the key of that which is returned.

Self-righteousness is an insidious de-evolution of the consciousness of All That Is. When you hold precious your own path, you will see all others as precious.

Savor the beauty of your life. Do not curse the vine on which you grow for the tree does not condemn its own roots as the roots are in service to the fruit although they never sees the light of day.

Good to remember that if your reality is […]

February 10th, 2009|All That Is, The One Mind, Universe|

The Negative Ego

Anything that steals your joy, your peace, your tranquility, your serenity and love is of the negative ego. Remember the negative ego roams like a lion seeking someone to devour. The negative ego clamors for attention, struggles to intervene in one’s life and suffocates true knowing and awareness. The negative ego is very powerful and very cunning. It is also very vulnerable and completely dependent. In and of itself the negative ego, darkness, evil has no power. It must feed in a symbiotic relationship with its host. Juxtaposed, light is powerful, is the source and is independent of all outside influences.
Only the individual can feed the negative ego.
Ignoring those voices is not the answer, rather not resisting them turns the tumultuous waves of thought and emotions into a tranquil and serene lake of consciousness. The negative ego knows exactly your vulnerable places; so there are some actions that can be taken.

— One is not to resist the negative thoughts.

— Two is asking for the transmutation and transformation of these negative thoughts, ideas, emotions to turn back into the light.

In other words, that the power stole from the light to give movement and power to the darkness is returned to its […]

February 1st, 2009|Empowerment|

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