The Eternal Concept of Abundance

Financial stability, financial abundance, and the flow of prosperity come from an energetic focus in which you are the initiator. You are the source, and you are the recipient. You see prosperity is like a boomerang, it returns to its source. What are the internal processes that make you receptive and available to the abundance of the universe flowing through you or what hinders you from that flow?

Humanity has a tendency to easily identify the incoming flow but not the true source, meaning you have a job, an inheritance or a gift from someone you perceive as coming from somewhere outside yourself as if you had no participation in it. Your prosperity is controlled by outside forces that you are vulnerable to. Where in reality, prosperity and abundance shine like the sun equally and without discrimination on all of God’s creations. Yet, one can lock themselves in a windowless room, hide in the shadow of a tree or simply choose to close their eyes and not take advantage of the light around them.

You are the total and complete originator of abundance in your life.

It is the act of opening your eyes, stepping out of the room, walking out from under the tree that allows you to be immersed in what was always there. Abundance is not only always accessible and unlimited, it is malleable. It is simply an energy, it is part of the vibration of sustenance within the source of All That Is.

The concept of finance, as you know it, is a modification, a humanization, a human-construct of The Eternal Concept of Abundance.

Finance has nothing to do with abundance within the universal framework of existence. When physicality exploded into creation, the promise of the creator is that physicality would be provided everything it needs to sustain itself. Cultural evolution, societal innovations have modified and even provided constraints on the concept of abundance. The construct of finance becomes a limiting factor in humanity’s mind to the ever-present truth of the absolute and unlimited abundance. This powerful belief in finance binds humanity from the limitless abundance that is theirs. A call from for a job that allows you the ability to pay your rent or purchase food, is no different than finding a strawberry in a meadow or an outcropping of rocks to protect yourself from the rain when you walked the earth 100,000 years ago.

All beings in the universe are in assistance to each other. The physical kingdoms are in assistance to each other, be it the lamb giving its life to the lion, or the lion laying down and giving its body to the earth. You see, nothing needs to change when you realize that the entirety of physicality exists to sustain itself in whatever form. Did not your brother refer to the lilies of the field? For, he was expressing this very concept that we share with you now.

There is a deeply embedded belief in the power of finance.

Finance was created to limit and constrain the populace. It is the attempt to focus the abundance to a limited few for power and control. There is going to be an end to finance because it is not eternal, abundance is eternal. Therefore the conduit is open. You are not in a locked, closed room where there are no windows. Rather step out from under the shade of the tree into the light of the day of prosperity.

Do you see yourself limited or sharing unequally in opportunity and abundance? Are you dependent upon others for your prosperity? If so, your perception is upside-down.

Your are not the slave to finance, you are the master of it, for even finance is a servant to abundance which is eternal.

True prosperity on all levels never makes you dependent. See finance as a conduit and not the controlling mechanism it was intended it to be. This is why we work in universal rather than human constructs.