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Humanity has mutilated the concept of divinity by personifying it. Promoting the illusion of a divine being outside of yourself and in control of your reality. For most of humanity, God is seen as a controlling force to which one has no recourse, one that cannot be escaped, and who manipulates humanity like pawns upon the playing board of the third dimension. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The objectification and personification of God is an aberrance of the truth, and the reality of what you perceive to be divine.
The universe is governed and guided by an intelligent energy referred to as God. In reality, God is all encompassing. Divinity is the definition of all existence. God cannot be localized, cannot be compartmentalized. To experience God is to be immersed in the creative force and intelligence of the universe. You do not need to go anywhere to find the Divine. Everything is brought forth by divine impetus, energy and thought in a creative process. Divinity is a force that merges and expands into all creation.
What occurs is humanity is so intent on discovering, defining and locating the concept of God, they forget–or ignore, or are blind to–the reality that […]

May 30th, 2009|All That Is, Metaphysical|

Purpose of Process

Often times, humanity gets so caught up in process that it forgets that process is when there is resistance to a desired change in the perception. The catalyst and the key to all change is perception, and process only exists when there is resistance to that change. The processes exist for only one purpose, to alter perception. Perception is the individualized experience of a selected reality. Therefore, if there is resistance, one has need to see what hinders one from bringing forth the reality, the perception they desire. Perception is the frame, the slide you choose to be projected upon the environment of your life. Perception is the seed of both meaning and the message.
Remember that the process exists to create the perception without resistance.
It is perception that allows you to experience and capture the cascading gifts of love, wisdom, trust, balance, non-resistance and peace. Perception is the key. Indeed, the feeling of moving through and observing from a different direction is correct because if you have in some little way passed through the veil, then you would be looking from the other side.

What is your perception now and how did you create it? Focus. Focus is the light […]

May 25th, 2009|Empowerment, Metaphysical|


When you are in transition, it is valuable to acknowledge the foundation of the past which has brought you to the present. Allowing you to understand what is expressing in your current reality is the culmination, the manifestation of that which you have created. It is important in human terms to honor the chapters of one’s life, be it the change of locale, a change of a job, the absence of a loved friend or family member. You make the past sacred, you transform it by acknowledging its existence in the history of your life’s expression. You neither have to hide from the past or fear the future, for the power is here and now, and in that power is the transformation of your reality.
Do not go blindly through the chapters of your life. You do not need blinders to hinder you. Honor all that you have experienced.
There are no good days or bad days, no good years or not good years in universal terms, all are blessed. We understand that life is not always pleasant and the circumstances one creates in their life can be non-beneficial. Yet, when one acknowledges what they have created, they are free to transform […]

May 14th, 2009|Physicality, Spirituality|

Trials and Tribulations

Humanity, unfortunately, often measures its existence by the presence or the absence of trials and tribulations in their life. It is a good day, a good week, a good year or a good life, if one can maneuver and avoid physical, emotional, financial or, even, spiritual crises. If the bank account is balanced, a good health is reported from a doctor, your relationship is without conflict, and your children or family members are at peace, one sees themselves as successful, as having a good life. The opposite must then be true. If one experiences financial difficulty or lack, your relationship is in turmoil, your children and family members have stress, your health is disintegrated, it must then be an unsuccessful life – a bad day, a bad year, a bad life.

The physical plane of existence and human experience, by its very nature, elicits a constant need to focus on one’s consciousness.
Humanity is here to master the physical plane of existence, not so much to change the physical laws of the third dimension, but the ability to gracefully maneuver and encounter those seeming obstacles that stand in the way of a peaceful, loving, successful life.
The third dimension and your journey in […]

May 5th, 2009|Metaphysical, Physicality|

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