Often times, humanity gets so caught up in process that it forgets that process is when there is resistance to a desired change in the perception. The catalyst and the key to all change is perception, and process only exists when there is resistance to that change. The processes exist for only one purpose, to alter perception. Perception is the individualized experience of a selected reality. Therefore, if there is resistance, one has need to see what hinders one from bringing forth the reality, the perception they desire. Perception is the frame, the slide you choose to be projected upon the environment of your life. Perception is the seed of both meaning and the message.

Remember that the process exists to create the perception without resistance.

It is perception that allows you to experience and capture the cascading gifts of love, wisdom, trust, balance, non-resistance and peace. Perception is the key. Indeed, the feeling of moving through and observing from a different direction is correct because if you have in some little way passed through the veil, then you would be looking from the other side.

What is your perception now and how did you create it? Focus. Focus is the light that shines through the celluloid, the film which projects upon the fabric of your life.

Focus is that which gives power to your perception. It has nothing to do with what you do but rather the spirit in which you do it.

Indeed, your life will project, or should we say, reflect those things which you desire.

So, your focus is upon a successful career, prosperity, abundance, health, and relationships. It would be better to perceive the perceptions as a film spread out where all frames are available for viewing at the same time. Your focus lights the frame that projects the reality.

You have walked through a little veil. No one, nothing, no power, nothing in the universe has power over your focus or your perception. Nothing. Unhindered perception instantaneously creates.

The key is look at everything that you have experienced as a process to remove those things that hinder you from the perception that you desire.

It is somewhat like the individual who wishes prosperity and then is fired. Over the years, what are the processes created from the potential pitfalls that hindered you from the perception you chose or had chosen? In some ways and, in truth, creating realities is as easy as shining the flashlight through the film. Some of the experiences were mass consciousness and some were personal. You can survive the belief in yourself when no one else does, when you can value your work when no one else does, when the lack of finance would not be a hindrance to your task, when a relationship or the lack thereof would be a stumbling block. These processes were because there was a dependency on others, a dependence on security, in finance.

Your perception needed to change. It is your perception. You are projecting through a reality where you wish to have the ease, grace, peace, and love. Therefore those things that hinder you, the process, your frame, is clouded by those imprints and impressions.

What the process does is cleanse the film in order that you might see clearly projected in your reality what you are focused on.

Unfortunately, humanity has an imprint and coding to be more perceptive to the negative than the positive, that is why things negative seem to manifest more quickly because there is less resistance.

You have chosen a frame, a reality which challenges you at the depths of your beings, which challenges that which you have learned. It may have been pain-filled at times, but it was not not profitable. It has cleared you more fully for a clear projection upon the fabric of your life. When there is no resistance, there is no process.

Peace is focused perception without process, without resistance. Peace comes when that which you are focusing upon manifests without resistance.

The key of this, you are not beginning students, it is invaluable as you continue. There are times you look harshly upon yourselves. It has been invaluable. Do not be critical of yourselves for the frame you chose is attainment, the frame many will not think about or care about. With attainment, nothing stands in the way of your focus. Focus upon that which you desire and it will manifest.