Humanity, unfortunately, often measures its existence by the presence or the absence of trials and tribulations in their life. It is a good day, a good week, a good year or a good life, if one can maneuver and avoid physical, emotional, financial or, even, spiritual crises. If the bank account is balanced, a good health is reported from a doctor, your relationship is without conflict, and your children or family members are at peace, one sees themselves as successful, as having a good life. The opposite must then be true. If one experiences financial difficulty or lack, your relationship is in turmoil, your children and family members have stress, your health is disintegrated, it must then be an unsuccessful life – a bad day, a bad year, a bad life.

The physical plane of existence and human experience, by its very nature, elicits a constant need to focus on one’s consciousness.

Humanity is here to master the physical plane of existence, not so much to change the physical laws of the third dimension, but the ability to gracefully maneuver and encounter those seeming obstacles that stand in the way of a peaceful, loving, successful life.

The third dimension and your journey in consciousness through it is much like a puzzle, being consciously aware of what fits together to create the perfect picture of your existence. When your sense of well-being, your awareness of spiritual connection is unaffected by health issues, financial issues, legal issues, emotional issues, you have truly mastered the physical plane of existence. When these things do not matter, it does not matter.

So your job is not to try to duck, maneuver, and miss the physical plane of existence’s seeming precariousness, but like the Native American spiritual exercise where the one being initiated walks boldly and straight through the venomous pit of vipers unharmed.

We ask you to not be reactionary to your world, but singularly focused on your mastery of it.

Trials and tribulations are a gift unto yourself to express your mastery of the physical plane of existence. There will be trials and tribulations, success is not in avoiding them or not encountering them, but in the fact that they have no effect over your physical expression of the consciousness of All That Is in physical form. In the achievement of that goal, you are free, unaffected and not vulnerable to the circumstances and situations of living in a third dimensional experience.

With that attitude your life becomes proactive rather than reactive.

You face the challenges of your existence as the normal process of learning and growth in this experience you have chosen. You often have heard of spiritual initiations, events and rituals that are a statement and a transition of one’s spiritual growth and empowerment. Could it possibly be that your life, your physical experience is the initiation? Your life and all that it holds is a sacred experience, the ritual of living in third dimensional, physical expression.

Trials and tribulations of whatever matter are not to be feared. Fear has no place here, and success or mastery is beyond avoidance or conquering it by the immovable, unchangeable expression of consciousness in physical form. Yes, there are lessons, and you can make your life easier or harder by the choices that you seize.

Yet, the sole purpose and intent of these experiences are to bring your consciousness into alignment with the consciousness of All That Is – when trials and tribulations are not seen as adversarial experiences, but the gentle hand of guidance leading you to the opportunity to empower yourself.

You are learning that there is nothing created that can be in opposition to you. Nothing can hinder you from the full expression of who you are. One only becomes vulnerable to the trials and tribulations of life when one gives their power away. Even in the extinguishing of a life, your purpose and intent to pursue the path of your soul cannot be hindered. When one looks at the life of many masters, their lives were not charmed, and even in the event of untimely demise, their truth, their message has pervaded the ages.

We delight that we can bring you this message of truth and hope, that these words will inspire you to move forward fearlessly in your life, unafraid of the events you may encounter. For you have been given the truth, and the truth has set you free to be all that you desire to be.