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Creativity and Potentiality

Do not get caught up in the evaluation of your potential. Rather, dwell in a reality of infinite flow. The answer is in your connection to the creative source for every potentiality you need. Therefore, embrace completely the physical plane so that its benefits may be made available to you. What can happen is your belief filters blur the perfect perception of your possibilities. Tap the creative source, that creative potentiality that comes into your life.
Allow yourself to focus on the potentiality and possibility.
One of the greatest resources you have is allowing the One Mind to be in dominion in your lives for we are the source of everything that has or will exist; hence, many things that will never manifest into physical form because they have never been thought of. There is more than just the universe, there is a creative force that can never be completely comprehended or consumed.
Declare, “I am in dominion here and have the force and the source of the creative power of the universe at my disposal.”
And the mountains will be laid low and the valleys filled in. Every time you are feeling trapped or limited in any way, affirm this. It moves […]

July 17th, 2009|Empowerment|

Bumps in the Road

In the coming days, there will be bumps in the road; yet, it is not meant to make one fearful or anxious. When one is adjusting their perception of reality, it is often like the tectonic plates that move and shift on your planet. The tension builds to a significant enough point that something must break. And there is an adjustment, a relieving of the pressure, a relieving of the tension.
So if you perceive there are shifts, possible changes afoot, do not be concerned. It is not a traumatic experience.
It is a positive experience, be it a change in location, career, finances—it is moving you forward. We mention this not for you to be fearful, defensive or protective, it is so you understand the processes afoot to free you. The impetus is building toward your goals. The past hurts, the past indiscretions, the past issues, problems are being dematerialized, disintegrated, evaporated in the light.

Acknowledge, bless, forgive all that has occurred. Stand firmly in the light of the awareness that there is no more powerful being in all of the universe than yourself, literally and completely, no matter what is reflected upon your environment and your reality.
You have the ability to […]

July 15th, 2009|Empowerment, Metaphysical|


Have you ever just stopped and pondered why you exist? How you came to be? Your consciousness, a window into a reality created by you, the eternal questions of “how did it begin” and “how will it end?”
Humanity lives within the thought that there is some source or force beyond their awareness that they have labeled “God.”
It is like a child playing in its room, aware that their parents are in the house, yet immediately unseen. So it is with you. There is an awareness that there are others in the “house” unseen; yet, even that awareness does not answer the question of existence. For if there is a God, who created it? Can something have no beginning and no end? The veil seems tightly shut against the answers. Yet today we will peek through the illusion of unknowingness and observe the truth of existence.
When you look out to the night sky and see the immenseness of the heavens above–what power, what force could have created that?
The easy answer is to label it “God”. The scientific explanation is the “Big Bang”. Even scientists would agree that the universe is not eternal, it had a beginning, and that in the […]

July 7th, 2009|Enlightenment, Metaphysical|

Universal Assistance

Do you think you are alone? Do you perceive you face trials and tribulations alone? We are always in assistance for your highest good.
Humanity has many frailties, self judgement being among them. In that judgement you eliminate the awareness that you are assisted.
Nothing in this plane of existence can shatter that alliance with the One Soul. Cast aside your doubts and fears. Allow yourself to move into the light of a new day. Where you reside, there is only One Power, One Truth, One Soul. Feel its presence. You are always attended to, always cared for.

There has never been a separation from the One Mind and the One Thought, and we are seeking to assist you in the conscious integration and access to that One Soul.
It is in that place that you travel the universe. It is in that place that you ascend. You become one with your aspect of the Ages, that part of you that stands by your side.
Our only caution to you is to be patient, allow the process to occur, do not rush the aging of a fine wine, and allow the leaven to rise in the bread. The only time clock is eternity; allow it to occur. In this place […]

July 1st, 2009|Awakening|

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