In the coming days, there will be bumps in the road; yet, it is not meant to make one fearful or anxious. When one is adjusting their perception of reality, it is often like the tectonic plates that move and shift on your planet. The tension builds to a significant enough point that something must break. And there is an adjustment, a relieving of the pressure, a relieving of the tension.

So if you perceive there are shifts, possible changes afoot, do not be concerned. It is not a traumatic experience.

It is a positive experience, be it a change in location, career, finances—it is moving you forward. We mention this not for you to be fearful, defensive or protective, it is so you understand the processes afoot to free you. The impetus is building toward your goals. The past hurts, the past indiscretions, the past issues, problems are being dematerialized, disintegrated, evaporated in the light.

Acknowledge, bless, forgive all that has occurred. Stand firmly in the light of the awareness that there is no more powerful being in all of the universe than yourself, literally and completely, no matter what is reflected upon your environment and your reality.

You have the ability to create change and to shift your reality to be in alignment with the path and the task of your soul.

Indeed, the negative ego consciousness dissuades you, intimidates you, entices you to become distracted. But just as a darkened room can be lit by the striking of a match or the flip of a switch, so it is with your reality. Strike the light of your soul. Switch the focus of your mind and the darkness in which you dwell fades into the light.