Do not get caught up in the evaluation of your potential. Rather, dwell in a reality of infinite flow. The answer is in your connection to the creative source for every potentiality you need. Therefore, embrace completely the physical plane so that its benefits may be made available to you. What can happen is your belief filters blur the perfect perception of your possibilities. Tap the creative source, that creative potentiality that comes into your life.

Allow yourself to focus on the potentiality and possibility.

One of the greatest resources you have is allowing the One Mind to be in dominion in your lives for we are the source of everything that has or will exist; hence, many things that will never manifest into physical form because they have never been thought of. There is more than just the universe, there is a creative force that can never be completely comprehended or consumed.

Declare, “I am in dominion here and have the force and the source of the creative power of the universe at my disposal.”

And the mountains will be laid low and the valleys filled in. Every time you are feeling trapped or limited in any way, affirm this. It moves you out of the subjective filters. It makes you the master of the here and now, time and space.

Remembering that the Eternal Here and Eternal Now are an infinite intregal part of infinite consciousness. The here and now gives you a point of focus and that is what the One Soul is and that is what your individualized expression is—a point of focus in the mind of God. To every dilemma, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the answer is found in the integration of the One Mind which is creativity and potentiality, with the One Thought which is the intuition and insight.

Intuition able to observe the One Mind; insight to observe physicality; the One Soul is the reality, the manifestation.