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A Simple Degree of Separation

Consciousness, like a compass, guides the traveler towards their destination. In the physical plane of existence, one is familiar with distance, time, direction in moving towards a predetermined goal. In the fourth dimensional realms, there are also parameters of orientation that assist the spiritual traveler towards the predetermined goals of Consciousness they wish to […]

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The One Perfect Thought

Even the very expression of this concept excites the universe. The one perfect thought contains within its very expression the truth of all existence. Thought, a powerful vehicle of Consciousness, is a defining of energy and the impetus for universes. A single thought projected with the pristine awareness of the infinite creative aspects of […]

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Enlightenment is Never a Weapon

You must learn to look with the eyes and hear with the ears of spirit in all that you experience.

When you take enlightenment and turn it into a weapon, it leaves the cinders of Consciousness behind in its wake.

Remember, do not create light in a village by setting it a blaze.

When one is not in […]

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Peace and Serenity

At first glance, peace and serenity would seem to be synonymous and interchangeable. Indeed, it would be perceived that if you were peaceful that you would be serene; or if you were serene that you would be peaceful. We are not seeking to play a word game; yet it is worth noting and defining more clearly the inter-relationship and […]

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