You must learn to look with the eyes and hear with the ears of spirit in all that you experience.

When you take enlightenment and turn it into a weapon, it leaves the cinders of Consciousness behind in its wake.

Remember, do not create light in a village by setting it a blaze.

When one is not in acknowledgment, surrender and dominion, one’s life loses focus upon their goals.

The truth will be made known that the salvation of humanity has never rested in the fickle consciousness of any one individual or grouping of individuals.

See each failure or success as a stepping stone toward your ultimate goal.

Find the joy, enthusiasm in your lives. Why would you do something that does not give you joy.

Consciousness is the Universe. If you want to know what Consciousness looks like, simply look around you.

Understand that the body travels with the spirit rather than the spirit with the body.

When one identifies spirit and realizes the body is as a servant to it, one can walk on water, or pass through walls.

Everybody really is you, you know. Creation is a game of solitaire played on an infinite board of possibilities. Your only player is yourself.