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The nature of existence and the dynamic movement of consciousness between the creator and the creation is cyclical. Re-emergence is the counterpart of immersion and completes the energetic circuit between the creator and the creation. We use the term re-emergence as an indicator that the evolutionary process of returning to the source is not […]

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Anatomy of Surrender

When one thinks of the word surrender, one often feels that to surrender is to be defeated. One surrenders when they have become overpowered, no longer able to endure, incapable of victory. Within human society and military operations this definition is quite accurate. Surrender is synomous with defeat.

So, it is expected when one is […]

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Chance or Fate?

This question has haunted humanity since the beginning of time. It is certainly understood that physical existence is littered with the possibility and potential for calamity and tragedy. When a catastrophe strikes, an accident maims or kills, a natural disaster takes the lives of many, one questions if it was the “luck of the […]

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Turn Around

Perspective and the point of observation are extremely important in one’s cognitive ability to comprehend what is being observed. Humanity, in its pursuit of spiritual truths, is often amiss in their point of observation.

In the past, we have used the analogy that any destination is but a short distance away, as well as being […]

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