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The Umbilical Cord of Consciousness

An umbilical cord is the bridge between gestation and birth. It provides the necessary nutrients for the growth of a fetus into a fully developed organism ready for birth. Virtually every living thing has some sort of umbilical connection between its point of conception and its development in preparation for birth, even within an egg […]

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Convergence in Creation

Just as there are elemental properties to the your planetary structure—a periodic table that identifies the foundational elements of your physical world—the energetic elements of the universe can also be identified.
The universe sings the “Ohm” which is comprised of twenty-two distinct vibratory frequencies that create a resonance encompassing all of creation.
These twenty-two energies of […]

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Convergence in Consciousness

The universe, as one grand instrument, plays a melody to which creation sings. This harmonic vibratory force resonates throughout all physical creation. It is amplified and focused when there is a convergence of consciousness—which occurs when more than one individual is in creative thought and harmony with the melody of the universe.
With the convergence, […]

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