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Message of Mastery

 The master is one who not only points the way but walks the path.
The master does not define the destiny to be reached but rather shows the means for individuals to reach their own destiny.
The master is an expression, a reflection of consciousness itself. Consciousness’ power is in those who behold it; for, consciousness is the servant to all that it created. The master’s message is not of his or herself; for, consciousness does not declare itself in dominance or boastfully declares its prize. Rather it is a validation of the truth; for, those who experience the master’s presence and words.
The master’s message is one of holding a mirror in order that those who look might see themselves. The master understands that in attainment he or she is granted the privilege and the gift to show others the way. The message of the master being attainment is a promise to all and a hope for the ultimate enlightenment of one’s own mind.
The message of the master is to be that which they desire to achieve in order that those who observe might know their own way. The true message of the master is that when you look upon one, […]

September 26th, 2012|Awakening, Empowerment|

Creation is Your Friend

Rely and sustain yourselves in the ever present consciousness of the creator; for, the eternal awareness of God is ever present, and you cannot be separated from it. There is nothing that exists and that does not possess the creative force and consciousness of God.

The goal of humanity is to allow that pure presence to express by aligning one’s thoughts and actions, emotions and words with that creative force. Darkness is the absence of light; negativity is the absence of that conscious presence of God. You enlighten your world by the acknowledgement, the surrender and the dominion into the creative source that permeates all that exists.
Welcome it. Allow it to sustain you; for, just as the laws of nature sustain creation, the laws of consciousness sustain you.
The work is not to attain–the task at hand is to remove those obstacles that you have placed in your way by erroneous thinking and beliefs, and enlightenment will occur naturally.

Allow consciousness to nurture you, as nature nurtures the fragile sprout that emerges from the soil. Be confident, clear and conscious that the creative force in the world about you is the same in you, and just as creation has an innate knowledge […]

September 19th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Co-creation in the Physical House of Consciousness

Contemplate your consciousness and rejoice; for, all is well in your world. Your consciousness is the creator of your reality; through challenges and trials, obstacles and hindrances occur, you are greater and more powerful than any negativity in your life.

You are immortal and those things that seemingly get in your way are but a pebble on your path.

The occurrence of negativity and evil are often misunderstood as a personal flaw in one’s life. Rather, on this planet you live in a co-creation of consciousness in which elements of light and darkness simultaneously reside. Remember, just as the candle chases away the darkness so does your consciousness. That does not mean that you do not see darkness; for even the candle is aware of it, but nothing can hinder light. You transform the darkness by your light, and when negativity is encountered you become impregnable by your light.
Consciousness is a co-creation in the physical world, and you have the option and opportunity to participate, transform or transmute all that you encounter.
Therefore, be unafraid of darkness for you always reside in light. Hold, enkindle and call forth the intentional consciousness of what you desire to create. Bask in the light of […]

September 12th, 2012|Consciousness, Physicality|

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