Rely and sustain yourselves in the ever present consciousness of the creator; for, the eternal awareness of God is ever present, and you cannot be separated from it. There is nothing that exists and that does not possess the creative force and consciousness of God.

The goal of humanity is to allow that pure presence to express by aligning one’s thoughts and actions, emotions and words with that creative force. Darkness is the absence of light; negativity is the absence of that conscious presence of God. You enlighten your world by the acknowledgement, the surrender and the dominion into the creative source that permeates all that exists.

Welcome it. Allow it to sustain you; for, just as the laws of nature sustain creation, the laws of consciousness sustain you.

The work is not to attain–the task at hand is to remove those obstacles that you have placed in your way by erroneous thinking and beliefs, and enlightenment will occur naturally.

Allow consciousness to nurture you, as nature nurtures the fragile sprout that emerges from the soil. Be confident, clear and conscious that the creative force in the world about you is the same in you, and just as creation has an innate knowledge that guides it, so do you. There is within you an innate knowledge that guides you to conscious awakening.

Your world, your physical body, even your mind, that you seem to be embattled with, are not adversaries but advocates on the pathway to consciousness. You are the merging of physical thought and spiritual consciousness. It is a mixture that needs blending. You are accountable to both the physical laws of nature and the consciousness that created it.

All participants in physical existence have an inborn understanding and wisdom of the creative force of existence. You have the privilege, the responsibility and, at times, the challenge to be aware of that consciousness.

You are fully the creator, fully the observer and fully the participant in your existence.

So all aspects of your life work in harmony with the sole intent that you fully express those elements of your being. You are not separate from the creator; you are consciousness observing itself, and you are part of creation.

Creation works in harmony with consciousness—and so do you. Any thought or belief that this world or the universe in which you dwell is an obstacle to spiritual awareness or enlightenment is false. When you embrace your world, you embrace your consciousness, and you cannot embrace consciousness without the acknowledgement of creation.

The world is not what is in error here. It is what humanity does with it. The natural instincts of the physical aspect of humanity can and do work in harmony and balance in this merging of the physical and the spiritual. It would seem that humanity, when left to their own devices, evolve into the lowest possible state. It is your responsibility to see the world differently, to be unafraid of yourself and the power you wield because of your consciousness.

The world is an expression of love, and so are you. Be confident, be courageous, be conscious; for, creation is your friend—and you, its creator.