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Compass in Consciousness

As the reader is well aware, a compass is a device to help travelers know which direction they are heading or gives them the ability to choose the direction they wish to go. This is achieved by the triangulation between an agreed-upon stationary point, in this case magnetic north, your current position in relationship to that point and a predetermined direction in which you wish to head.

As a result, the functioning of a compass offers an excellent analogy for understanding how your orientation in consciousness is determined. What then is that triangulation in consciousness that guides the spiritual pilgrim on the path to the attainment of their goals?
First, and most important, is to identify that stationary point in consciousness that determines direction.
Perhaps at this juncture, the reader might question if there is a singular point that identifies direction for all who travel the path of conscious determination in their lives. To complicate the question is whether the fact that consciousness is dynamic, and therefore, an immovable, unchangeable point of reference even possible. If we agree there is, we create dogma—if not, a compass in consciousness is unrealistic.

How then does one orient himself or herself in consciousness and determine the […]

March 27th, 2013|Physicality|

Receptivity and Responsiveness

The reception of and response to universal energy are essential elements of the consciousness of creation—both are necessary to complete the energetic circuit of creativity.
Receptivity without responsiveness, or responsiveness without receptivity, is energetically sterile and unable to conceive creation.
Receptivity is the acceptance of the creative process. It neither implies understanding or ability, but openness, while responsiveness is evidence that the energetic gift was integrated into your conscious awareness. They are the first cause of creation and are innocent of dogma or dictates. Receptivity and responsiveness are the handmaiden of magic and the domain of the inner child.
They encapsulate the purest potential of creative consciousness.
Though necessary to create and the foundation of All That Exists, they can neither be taught nor learned for they are the automatic catalyst to the consciousness of creation unfiltered by either belief or theory. They are your natural allies to your creative attributes. Therefore, be aware of your receptivity and your responsiveness to what you wish to create, for they are indicators of your connection to your innate abilities as a creator in your life.

You enhance your abilities to receive and respond by surrendering your intellect and allowing the creative process to flow unhindered. You […]

March 22nd, 2013|Energy, Love|

Returning to the Source

As we have been discussing, the universe from the moment of its conception has been in the process of returning to the source of its existence. The possibilities and the potentials brought forth at the moment of existence expands into creation only to return to the one that created it.

All is well and good, unless your choices are not to participate in this evolutionary process of awakening and then you might feel like you are a captive on a ship that is sailing to a port that you do not desire. The reality is that all creation returns to the creator but returns at creation’s willingness to participate.

What we mean by that is:
Consciousness creates and you have freewill and the right to choose not to participate.
But what then? And why would one choose not to enter a more perfect state of being?  The negative ego consciousness of humanity holds tightly onto it tools of control, manipulation and deceit.  This awakening age is an affront to the negative ego consciousness, and there are those among you that would choose the old paradigms rather than the light of a new day.

Consciousness will await creation forever to return to where it began […]

March 18th, 2013|All That Is, Awakening|

Power of the Soul

Call upon your soul to emanate forth in all aspects of your life that you are in dominion and authority in all things. Project the dominion of your soul into those aspects of your life where you are, for where you are is the greatest facilitator on the path of the soul. When you call forth your soul, your soul has power to assist you. Those powers consciously and unconsciously work within your life.
Your soul is your emissary into physicality.
Do not depend on the ego consciousness to provide your needs for that is like trying to crawl across a room using your fingers. When you call upon your soul, you stand upright and walk with intent and purpose through the pathways of your life. The ego consciousness does not work any longer. For you are moving into a realm where one’s identity must be grounded in the spiritual awareness, from there you will ride out the storms of change upon this planet.
When you call forth your soul you empower every aspect of your life.
Every aspect is transformed, for as we have spoken, the soul is the soul and the soul is God–and it is not vulnerable to the whims […]

March 10th, 2013|Soul|

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