power of the soul

Call upon your soul to emanate forth in all aspects of your life that you are in dominion and authority in all things. Project the dominion of your soul into those aspects of your life where you are, for where you are is the greatest facilitator on the path of the soul. When you call forth your soul, your soul has power to assist you. Those powers consciously and unconsciously work within your life.

Your soul is your emissary into physicality.

Do not depend on the ego consciousness to provide your needs for that is like trying to crawl across a room using your fingers. When you call upon your soul, you stand upright and walk with intent and purpose through the pathways of your life. The ego consciousness does not work any longer. For you are moving into a realm where one’s identity must be grounded in the spiritual awareness, from there you will ride out the storms of change upon this planet.

When you call forth your soul you empower every aspect of your life.

Every aspect is transformed, for as we have spoken, the soul is the soul and the soul is God–and it is not vulnerable to the whims of ego consciousness. This time is the era of the soul. There are many analogies of the awakening of humanity, the butterfly from the cocoon, the resurrection. But what is it the resurrection of? Your brother, Jesus, was able to transform his physical form because his identification was his soul. Your physical form should be in service to your spiritual self. You are a soul in physical form and that awareness transforms whatever you are doing. That awareness will bring joy to your life, efficiency to your work, prosperity to your pocket.

This is the challenge for humanity, to re-identify itself with the inner spark, the inner awareness, and to become enlightened into the mind of God.

For, it is your soul that transforms your reality. It is your soul that spans the chasm of time and space. All you need do is call it forth. Do you not think that if you called your soul into your physical existence it would not come? Your soul, your higher self and we are not too fond of that particular phrase for it is misconstrued as some third party observer. Your soul does not need to throw you a lifeline for your soul is your life line–it is your “salvation.” Nothing, be it financial, emotional, health or relationship, is excluded from the realm of the power of the soul.

eyeThis planet, your universe and your lives are in an evolutionary process into a new dimension; so, wouldn’t it make sense that your perception of yourself would change?

If you are willing to make that identification with your soul, your physical world will come into a graceful alignment with your dreams. If you wish to cling to the old physical constructs, they will crumble like dry and brittle clay in your hands.

The wonderful thing is that all you need to do is to be willing to see yourself from another set of eyes.

That is not as difficult as you think; for, you have many perceptions of yourself, mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, employee or boss. Add to that perception your soul which has dominion over all other aspects of yourself.

In your soul you will find comfort. In your soul you will find security. In your soul you will be able to weather the winds of change. Your soul has not changed or been altered from the moment of creation, only added to itself as you accumulated knowledge of lives’ experiences. United in the consciousness of your soul. You are one with All That Is and all is well in your world.