As we have been discussing, the universe from the moment of its conception has been in the process of returning to the source of its existence. The possibilities and the potentials brought forth at the moment of existence expands into creation only to return to the one that created it.

All is well and good, unless your choices are not to participate in this evolutionary process of awakening and then you might feel like you are a captive on a ship that is sailing to a port that you do not desire. The reality is that all creation returns to the creator but returns at creation’s willingness to participate.

What we mean by that is:

Consciousness creates and you have freewill and the right to choose not to participate.

But what then? And why would one choose not to enter a more perfect state of being?  The negative ego consciousness of humanity holds tightly onto it tools of control, manipulation and deceit.  This awakening age is an affront to the negative ego consciousness, and there are those among you that would choose the old paradigms rather than the light of a new day.

Consciousness will await creation forever to return to where it began in the consciousness of All That Is—a never ending, ever expanding spiral of expansion, a greater expression of the consciousness of creation in physical form. Yet, for those who choose a different path are not condemned to an eternity of damnation but rather an extended path to paradise.

The source of All That Is holds its arms out in welcome to embrace its children – but it does not force them.

It does not drag them kicking and screaming—but honors the choice of all its children. We will not say the path will be easy for those who choose not to ride this wave of consciousness into the next dimension; for thoughts create and creation manifests and in this changing age, what you think will create and multiply.  It is not a punishment; it is simply a consequence.  It is not created out of judgment but rather out of choice for the creative force of All That Is allows everyone to create what they desire. You create your own hell or your own heaven. No one else is responsible for it.

Now that does not mean that in the physical plane of existence that you will not experience trials and tribulation, but what it does mean is that you will not be shaken. Everyone on the planet will experience the physical shifts that occur in the changing of the age. It is your consciousness that guides you, sustains you and protects you.

The planet is seeking to rejuvenate itself—and so are you, to be in greater alignment with the consciousness of All That Is.

Perhaps an analogy we can use to explain this phenomena would be this. Imagine a still pond and every minute a pebble is dropped in the water and ripples out.  This happens again and again. So there is a sequence of ripples and on the surface of this pond is a leaf and there is also a twig. The leaf is light and floats gently on top of the water unhindered. The twig is heavier and partly submerged. With that image in your mind, see the pebble as the source sending out energetic ripples throughout creation. The leaf is one who is unfettered from the negative ego consciousness and as the gentle waves arrive, the leaf floats upon its crest and is moved forward. The twig, on the other hand, more burdened by its choices not to participate, lays heavy in the water and as the crest arrives, it is submerged and then left behind to await another wave to approach.

The changing of the age is an opportunity that comes once in a long, long time.

If you choose not to participate, it will be quite awhile until the next train arrives to take you to your destination. There is always choice but never extinction. The loving parent of the universe will wait for you forever for you to return home and place the candle of enlightenment in the window to be a beacon for you on your way. But you have the choice never to return; you have the choice to stay.  You have the choice to choose a different way.  Do not allow a few or the coaxing of the negative ego consciousness blind you from the light that is arising on the eastern horizon of your consciousness.  If you would but be still, if you would but be open to the possibility, you will see the source from which you have come and to which you return more complete.

Lay your burdens down. Address your fears. Surrender them into your higher consciousness.

The challenges you face are not to punish but to purge you, that you might be as the leaf and float upon the energetic waves of consciousness to the shores of a new world. Be unafraid, it’s safe, and just as a child runs into its parent’s arms when it is afraid or injured, why would you not run into the arms of the parent that created All That Is? For within yourself, you will awaken to the truth that the creator and the creation are one.

All aboard – or not!