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Infinite Mind and Eternal Existence

Infinite Mind and Eternal Existence — these realities of your existence are not a future promise but a present state of your being. Though the human mind constricts comprehension of them, they are accessible and have both conscious and unconscious influences on your thoughts and behaviors.
Your infinite mind and eternal existence are aspects of your soul, but do not assume that they do not express in physical form. These transcendent elements of your being are available for your use. Though human awareness can only comprehend finite elements of them, it does not hinder their assimilation into your reality to the degree that you are willing to accept them. Understanding is not the operative element to utilize these attributes: it is acceptance that they are an aspect of your being.
The exploration of these divine traits within your human experience will open understanding and insight into them. You might ask if their influence on your life is in proportion to your understanding.  No?  But it is to the degree of your acceptance and acknowledgment of them as elements of yourself. This attitude gives permission for your true identity to gain active access to your life. The pursuit of understanding of spiritual […]

September 25th, 2013|Soul|

Extra-Ordinary Activities

It would seem that supernatural powers are the domain of the current mystic or the past prophet possessing the ability to defy the natural order to be a sport of the enlightened—appearing and disappearing at will, bi-locating, teleporting and creating general havoc with the accepted norms of human existence.
They seem to be in command of their physical world; miracles are second nature and manifesting their desires a hobby.
They show themselves to the unsuspecting and hide from those who would do them harm. They dine with believers decades after their apparent death and are seen appearing simultaneously in more than one place at a time. The physical plane of existence is their playground and their servant unfettered by the natural order of things.
Humanity sees their antics as unattainable, a state of being they will mostly not reach.
It is true there is a correlation between attainment and these behaviors, but the ability to imitate the master’s actions are neither a secret nor unreachable. In fact, it is the natural state of affairs for one willing to accept and practice them. Extra-ordinary activities and abilities transcend religious beliefs or spiritual practices. They are more a state of consciousness than a matter of […]

September 14th, 2013|Metaphysical|

Lowest Common Denominator

It is the common belief of most philosophies and religions that humanity is intrinsically good; yet, when left to its own devices, many seem to revert to the lowest common denominator of their baser nature, rather than their lofty ideals.

Now that may be seen as a harsh judgment, and admittedly, there are those who shine brightest in their darkest night. Yet, humanity seems to need to have constraints to protect it from itself by laws and treaties. Without rules, humanity can quickly become barbaric, as evidenced by ages of war and days of peace. As a result, everyone becomes suspect in your world, and you anticipate the worst rather than expect the best.
Humanity seems to be its own greatest disappointment to the promise that has been made.
You need neither protest nor agree with what we say, but simply be observant of the state of affairs of your community, country and world. Do you walk through life feeling safe? Do you anticipate the stranger you encounter at night wishes you no harm? No? Why not? We speak to these issues to neither judge nor criticize, but to assist in the answer to the question that by now we believe you […]

September 7th, 2013|Consciousness|

The Pitfall of Polarity

In metaphysical circles there has been a long standing belief that there is no polarity in consciousness—good or bad, right or wrong, even hot and cold—do not exist. Everything just is.
We of the realms concur, but as many of the universal truths emerging in the consciousness of humanity, they are perceived before they are understood. To simply declare to those residing in a third-dimensional reality that there is no polarity is not only foolhardy but impractical to implement without some explanation.
Perhaps at this point it may be worth reminding the reader that consciousness is the melting pot of potential, and within it all creation exits.  From, let’s say, consciousness’ point of view, “If it is, it exists. If it exists, it is” without judgment, comment or evaluation. Some may at this point ask, “What about evil?” Let us be clear that this discussion is about understanding polarity, and the reality or validity of evil is for another time.
Now we are well aware that humanity lives in a world of polarity and will until enlightenment has firmly embedded itself into the human psyche, but understanding the source of it is beneficial in putting it into perspective.
Polarity is the result of […]

September 2nd, 2013|Consciousness|

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