It would seem that supernatural powers are the domain of the current mystic or the past prophet possessing the ability to defy the natural order to be a sport of the enlightened—appearing and disappearing at will, bi-locating, teleporting and creating general havoc with the accepted norms of human existence.

They seem to be in command of their physical world; miracles are second nature and manifesting their desires a hobby.

They show themselves to the unsuspecting and hide from those who would do them harm. They dine with believers decades after their apparent death and are seen appearing simultaneously in more than one place at a time. The physical plane of existence is their playground and their servant unfettered by the natural order of things.

Humanity sees their antics as unattainable, a state of being they will mostly not reach.

It is true there is a correlation between attainment and these behaviors, but the ability to imitate the master’s actions are neither a secret nor unreachable. In fact, it is the natural state of affairs for one willing to accept and practice them. Extra-ordinary activities and abilities transcend religious beliefs or spiritual practices. They are more a state of consciousness than a matter of belief. In this short concept, we cannot explain fully the method and means to perform these acts, but we can discuss the existence of these abilities and point the willing student in the right direction for self-discovery.

Remember, it is all to do with a matter of the mind, not of spiritual belief—not everyone who walks on water is a prophet.

With that said, let us give a basic statement regarding these abilities:

All activity is a manipulation by the mind.

The belief in the constructs of time and space are thrown in the face of this truth. Time and space are seen in an inseparable relationship that it takes time to move through space and it takes space to move through time. Now, how quickly is a matter of physical means and acceptable methods of transport? Your ancestors would find your modern jetliner just as unimaginable as you might feel about teleporting across the globe. “Okay,” you might state, “when we invent a transporter, I’ll buy it.” But what about no vehicle at all, or more accurately, what if the vehicle of transport was the mind?

The conscious mind of humanity believes in time and space, but the inner consciousness is unfettered by these illusions.

So there is a place within you that transcends these constructs and is the original vehicle of transport in the universe. As humanity lost its connection to that inner consciousness, it lost its ability to use the mind as a vehicle to travel through the universe. Therefore, the abilities you see manifested by those who are considered enlightened occur because they have reconnected to that inner consciousness.

Now belief in the process helps. Faith is a powerful catalyst, but the process is of consciousness—not creed.

It is an innate aspect of being human. Just like you learn to crawl and walk, so do you need to practice and develop these skills. The problem is that there are few to imitate, and the process of development gets cut short.

How then does the willing student develop these skills?

Simply stated, the ability to utilize any of these extra-ordinary activities as a vehicle of the mind begins with the intensity to focus on your destination propelled by a strong emotional desire.

Time and practice will make it easier, but in the beginning it will be an all-consuming process of the mind. Be confident and patient with yourself; for, we wait for your inevitable arrival among the stars.