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One in the Oneness

Ship of Change
As most would agree, be it philosopher, theologian or politician, humanity is in a transitional state. The old archetypal structures that were the foundation of human government, religion and finance are being undermined by a swift and steady current of change. Volatility and vulnerability roams the planet like a roaring lion looking for someone […]

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The Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension realm of existence need not be a mystery, and it certainly is not an illusion. In fact, you reside in all dimensions and all aspects of those dimensions. You are, on some level of your being, consciously aware of your multi-level, multi-dimensional existence. Each dimension of yourself is interacting, growing and […]

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Throughout history it has been a common practice for those seeking spiritual attainment to experience an initiation. At first appearance it might seem to be a test, perhaps a cruel one, eliciting fear, anxiety, and despair on the part of the participants. In reality, the challenges and test for this initiation are devised by […]

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