Throughout history it has been a common practice for those seeking spiritual attainment to experience an initiation. At first appearance it might seem to be a test, perhaps a cruel one, eliciting fear, anxiety, and despair on the part of the participants. In reality, the challenges and test for this initiation are devised by the initiate themselves through their own thoughts and beliefs.

Spiritual attainment, by its very nature, must be free from all outside influences and effects that could hinder one’s spiritual nature.

It is one’s own fear, abdication and powerlessness that feeds the tests and temptations that one must face through the initiation process.

The initiation is when one is stripped from all outward appearances of the ego consciousness. Nothing in their world can save them and even their senses fail. It is in this place of void, stripped naked to the soul, that one must rely completely and totally on their own spiritual identity. It is in this place that one is empowered. You are a light unto your own path. The initiation does not need to be painful or devastating but it will have elements of despair until one reaches out, like Adam in the Sistine Chapel or the phoenix rising from the ashes no longer fearful of the world in which they dwell.

The initiation is a transformative process that allows one to identify, experience and utilize the deepest resources of their own soul.

buddha4The initiation process transforms and transfigures the individual through the transmutation of ego consciousness, beliefs, and fears, and one emerges a powerful being. They are no longer dependent upon that which is outside themselves be it beliefs or belongings but rather solely and completely upon the awareness of their divine nature. Therefore, the world in which you dwell becomes a servant and assistant to all that you desire. Nothing can negatively affect your immortal, divine being.

The initiation empowers you to be a participant in the divine plan of awakening humanity by awakening yourself to the truth of who you are.

Once initiated an individual can never return to where they were before. Indelibly implanted in their mind is the power of their own soul. Each one in the human race will face varying degrees of initiation along the path of their lives, each a step upon the spiral stairs to the consciousness of God. Initiation does not need to be painful, but it is always powerful. You have nothing to fear as you raise your mind from the darkness into the light of conscious awareness. Be not afraid for there within you is a power. The initiation is the key that unlocks the door, the flower that shatters the stone of the negative ego consciousness.

Therefore, see each challenge as a blessing.

Consecrate it that it might be transformed into spiritual strength and transmuted into light. The gates of darkness will have been sealed forever, and your soul will emerge transformed and transfigured so that you might never be fearful again.