Ship of Change

As most would agree, be it philosopher, theologian or politician, humanity is in a transitional state. The old archetypal structures that were the foundation of human government, religion and finance are being undermined by a swift and steady current of change. Volatility and vulnerability roams the planet like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (It is not coincidental that we use that analogy for it is spoken in your holy writings.)

As we have indicated, the universe, all of its components and participants, are in a grand shift, an expansion born at the moment of creation. Like the pebble dropped in a still pond, its ripples emanate outward towards infinity. This dynamic shift is part of the creative process. It is error thinking that creation is something that occurred back then, so long ago that you are neither participants nor observers of the event.

In reality, creation is a dynamic ongoing process.

One that is seeking to eternally expand that which it bore. As mentioned in your writing of the Ships of Song that consciousness sprung forth in the pursuit of physicality–and beingness was created. Each individual is in a perpetual process of becoming one with beingness. Beingness, the conception of consciousness and physicality.

Therefore, the shifts that are being experienced in your own neighborhood of the universe and throughout the galaxies are for this purpose.

Humanity is in the awakening process that The One Mind of consciousness has merged with The One Thought of physicality, and has created The One Soul of beingness. “And the word was made flesh.”

The emergence of this reality spurred by an increased vibrational frequency from the moment of creation had begun this awakening process. Think of your planet, like a small boat on a lake and a great stone the size of a house is dropped into the water a safe distance from you. In certain intervals your little boat would be rocked by another ripple of that event. And so it is with your world. You are experiencing at the change of the age, another great wave propelling you into greater understanding and awareness of the oneness of all existence. All that is not in alignment with the awareness that all is  one will be shook loose, broken free and eliminated from the human experience.

Each morning when you awaken and go about your daily routine, remind yourself that the boat of your world is being rocked and swayed. The old structures crumble into the sea of change. The waves of increasing energy wear away the old constructs embedded deeply in the bedrock of consciousness. The moorings of complacency have been broken loose, and you are adrift on the sea of change.

Trust in the process that all is well, and that which is not of the light is being drawn out of the darkness to be illumined and cleansed.

This is an exciting time for humanity and a challenging one. The stabilization of your life is by anchoring on the eternal truth that you are one and inseparable from the consciousness that created you. You are one and inseparable from all that you encounter. You are being called to be one with the oneness of All That Is. There is deeper meaning to your brother’s statement to Peter, a verse which was sadly misinterpreted for control, manipulation and deceit. When your brother looked at Peter and declared, “What you loose on earth is loose in heaven. What you bind on earth is bound in heaven,” was not a pronouncement of spiritual dominance, but rather that when you free yourself from the concept of individuality and separateness, you free yourself to participate in the oneness of All That Is. For when you are bound on earth by individuality and separateness, you have bound the heaven that which you can attain.

onenessTake inventory in your lives and identify those adversarial relationships, be it with another, your employment, your government, your religion or your finance.

Once identified see it as a mirror reflecting yourself. You cannot change nor will you ever change anything that you perceive is outside yourself. Adversarial relationships are the “alarm” of the soul that you have bought this relationship into the illusion of separateness.

Therefore, as this grand expansion of consciousness occurs and the world around you is being swayed by the waves of change, free yourself from the illusion that that which attacks you is from outside of you. You are being freed and released from the error consciousness that has bound your ability to experience paradise.

You have read, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of time.”

And so it will seem now, but we assure you there is no greater power in the universe that a soul reunited in the conscious awareness of its oneness with All That Is. There is an exciting journey ahead and we look forward to participating with you and anxiously await your arrival into a consciousness in which you will never feel pain, fear, or loneliness again.