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When one experiences shifts and changes in one’s reality, be it in career, your locale or in those whom you interact with, it is an indicator of an inner shift in consciousness. When these events seem synchronistic and in alignment, it is an indicator that one is on the direct path and course for the fulfillment of the soul’s path and the accomplishment of your task.
Change is the result of a shift in inner consciousness.
When one understands the source of a shift in their outward expression, they have a better understanding of its purpose and how to utilize this shift for one’s highest good. Nothing is arbitrary, by happenstance or accidental. Change is the verification that one is truly alive in their creative resource.
Change, at times, seems frightening yet if one would understand it as the result of one’s internal desires, they would be unafraid.
And when one understands that they have created the change in their lives, all is made known. Often times change is frightening because one feels that they are stepping into the darkness, afraid of what has created these unknown shifts and changes. When one recalls the intent that was the impetus for this shift, there […]

November 27th, 2013|Metaphysical, Physicality|


How does one see into the future? How do you determine what the outcome of your future might be–or can be? It is well known that the only place of power is in the present moment. So how do you determine if your goals are being reached or that you are even on the right path for that which you desire?

When one creates a goal, an energetic destination — what is the predictability of if and when these events will occur? What is prophecy and who can be a prophet? Are you a prophet of your own destiny? Or are you too intimately involved to see clearly? Does the present moment foreshadow future events? And if the only “real” moment is the present one, then the future must be contained within it.

You live in a linear world, one of cause and effect. Miracles are, indeed, the manifestation of your desires outside the normal realm of natural law. Yet synchronistically, grace and ease play an integral part in creating the pathway for what you desire.

So how do you sit here today and determine what your future holds?
We will say this, the universe always responds in the most expedient and appropriate […]

November 20th, 2013|All That Is, Spirituality|

Mastering Time and Space

Do you recall that we spoke of the Eternal Here and Eternal Now and they were representative of the One Mind and the One Thought which you are. Therefore, if you are the One Mind and the One Thought, you must also be the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now.
Therefore, listen most carefully, time and space must be part of you.
When that concept is incorporated, time and space have no limitations. Time and space are like your hand to be utilized for your will. You are in total and complete dominion of time and space in your reality—and it has no affect upon another.
Since time is part of you and space is part of you, as you learn to utilize these you can travel great distances. You can be in more than one location at a time.
Also time and space must be determined by its orientation to an object or an awareness. The Eternal Here and the Eternal Now is determined by the One Soul. Here and now, time and space, and its projection is the One Soul. When you are master of the here and now, whatever you choose will be projected in it, food to feed 100 people. […]

November 12th, 2013|Metaphysical|

Knowing the Unknown

Much of humanity’s fear and anxiety is created by the illusion that there is an element of consciousness that is unknown. Behind the closed door, around the corner, and beyond the horizon are perceived as unknown and, therefore, threatening.
Is it curious that the illusion of not knowing is always seen in a negative context.
Perhaps there is a message there and a lesson. That being, it is a falsehood, it is a denial of consciousness to assume that anything is unknown. In the Consciousness of All That Is everything is present and all is known.

We are sure that you are thinking, “That is not true. I don’t now know what tomorrow brings? I do not know what is around the corner. If I did, I would not be blind-sided by unexpected events, there would be no accidents or conflicts.”

That is a very valid concern, and we understand the human perception of reality, which is linear.
When you understand that all in reality is truly known to Consciousness, there are no surprises.
When you determine where you are heading in the now, you can be assured that that which lies beyond your conscious perception will be in alignment with your intent of the moment.

There are no surprises, there […]

November 9th, 2013|Consciousness, Physicality|

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