When one experiences shifts and changes in one’s reality, be it in career, your locale or in those whom you interact with, it is an indicator of an inner shift in consciousness. When these events seem synchronistic and in alignment, it is an indicator that one is on the direct path and course for the fulfillment of the soul’s path and the accomplishment of your task.

Change is the result of a shift in inner consciousness.

When one understands the source of a shift in their outward expression, they have a better understanding of its purpose and how to utilize this shift for one’s highest good. Nothing is arbitrary, by happenstance or accidental. Change is the verification that one is truly alive in their creative resource.

Change, at times, seems frightening yet if one would understand it as the result of one’s internal desires, they would be unafraid.

And when one understands that they have created the change in their lives, all is made known. Often times change is frightening because one feels that they are stepping into the darkness, afraid of what has created these unknown shifts and changes. When one recalls the intent that was the impetus for this shift, there is light and no need for fear.

Change is simply change. It can be for one’s benefit and it can be non-beneficial. It all depends on the intent one holds. If one does not like what they have created, one needs to look at their motivation. Now there are occurrences and events in one’s life that can seem detrimental, chaotic and, at times, catastrophic that can still lead one to their desired goals.

The soul chooses the most expeditious and beneficial path for learning and the elimination of past belief systems in order to create the desired change.

Therefore, change is not losing a job, a financial circumstance, a health issue or a legal matter, they are simply catalysts to create the desired change. When one’s intent is pure and focused, no matter what one encounters, the end result will be an effective and efficient manifestation of one’s desire. Therefore, look at your life. Where are the shifts? Are you in agreement with the shifts? Do they meet your expectations and desires? These answers to these questions will be indicators if your thoughts are in alignment with your desires.

Change can be easy and effortless. It is when one is not in alignment with the path of their soul and their inner calling that shifts in one’s reality can seem destructive and disheartening.

Eventually one will come to know that when one holds the focus and the intent, all that occurs in one’s life supports their ultimate desire to complete the path of their soul.