Do you recall that we spoke of the Eternal Here and Eternal Now and they were representative of the One Mind and the One Thought which you are. Therefore, if you are the One Mind and the One Thought, you must also be the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now.

Therefore, listen most carefully, time and space must be part of you.

When that concept is incorporated, time and space have no limitations. Time and space are like your hand to be utilized for your will. You are in total and complete dominion of time and space in your reality—and it has no affect upon another.

Since time is part of you and space is part of you, as you learn to utilize these you can travel great distances. You can be in more than one location at a time.

Also time and space must be determined by its orientation to an object or an awareness. The Eternal Here and the Eternal Now is determined by the One Soul. Here and now, time and space, and its projection is the One Soul. When you are master of the here and now, whatever you choose will be projected in it, food to feed 100 people. Commanding the weather, as Jesus commanded the storm to leave—the here and now in which I dwell, water supports me and I walk across the waves.

In the here and now death has no hold over me and I walk upon this plane after the illusion of death. In the here and now I travel the universe.

The here and now is the longitude and latitude of your creation.

Understand you are not limited by this location, this planet. Orientation is simply where you have defaulted to find who you are. In all the infinite crosshairs of time and space, out of all the infinite crosshairs of combinations of time and space, your soul has placed you in the most optimum time and place in all the universes that would be most assistive to your soul. That is how your soul chooses.

When you understand that time and space—the Eternal Here and Eternal Now—the One Thought and the One Mind are you, everything that exists unfolds before you and you are no longer limited to this chronological life experience nor this planet, nor this reality.