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The Circle of Gifts and Giving

Throughout all your holy writings, it speaks of the value of giving. For it is an acknowledgment that one has received. One cannot give without having received and one cannot receive without giving. The gift is not given out of need nor should it be given out of self-aggrandizement. The gift allows the necessary flow of creation to sustain itself.
Everything receives, and everything gives.
This cycle of giving and receiving is quite evident in nature. Even your mighty sun must have the gift of the gaseous fuels to fire its brilliant spirit. The animal lays down its life that you might live. The roots deep in the earth bring nutrients to the leaves in the spring. And in the fall lay themselves down upon the ground to be re-incorporated again.

We have spoken in the past about how humanity has forgotten its participation and its need to give back to the earth that which it has received. Now to do so creates a stagnant pool of nonpotable water for both the body and the soul. You are not generous when you give, you are responsible. You are fulfilling your commitment to be a participant in the ever supportive cycle of existence.

Yes, […]

February 23rd, 2014|Physicality|

A Conscious Degree of Separation

As we have instructed in the past, all that exists is intricately connected with each other. That creation itself and the creator are one. Your physical expression and the planet are born from the same source. Your consciousness is one with the creative Consciousness of All That Is. A simple degree of conscious awareness is all that separates you from a personal, powerful, presence of your infinite and eternal existence in your life.
What is a degree in consciousness? What is meant by a degree of separation?
A circle when segmented can be measured in degrees. Temperature is measured by a different concept of degrees. Even in your society, you speak of the degrees of separation of all individuals upon the planet. Degrees of separation are defined measurements to determine one’s position or attributes in relationship to the whole. How much of the piece of the pie has been cut? How warm or cold something is in relationship to the measurement of temperature. The degree of separation between people on your planet is the number of individuals it takes to be connected to anyone.

When we speak of one degree of conscious separation, we are firstly stating that there is nothing that stands […]

February 19th, 2014|Awakening|

Mis-creations to Manifestations

It is important that no matter what participation you have had in the creation of that which is distasteful to you, not in alignment with the path of your soul or for your highest good, that the process of surrender and dominion is pure and untainted by the negative ego consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you burn your village down on purpose because of lack of understanding or information; if it was burned down by natural or outside forces, or divine will it doesn’t matter. When you stand in the light of the Oneness of All That Is and you call upon that presence, you are in dominion. All those in your reality are in service to your creation and when you commit, dedicate and consecrate your reality into the Oneness of All That Is, you will receive an undistorted image of your own inner perception. You are then speaking to the voices of your own inner being. Not for self-judgment but for understanding and readjustment of your intent and purpose.
Guilt has no place here. Blame has no place here. Learn from that which you have experienced and gracefully let it go.
Honoring and respecting that reality that it has served you […]

February 10th, 2014|All That Is|


Life, in its myriad and many forms, is an expression of the consciousness of energy. If one is most observant and astute they can learn a great deal about the energetic elements of the universe by observing the many life forms upon your planet.

Life, in that context, is a key to unlock the awareness of the consciousness of God expressing in physical form. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is divine.
Do not mistake life for existence; for, you will always exist. You have always existed but you will not always live in this particular physical expression.
It is imperative early in this discussion to understand that anything that lives exists–and that which exists lives. All from the stone to the human are equal participants in existence. Energy is multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. So the rock or the bird or the baby all express an important aspect of energy, and therefore, an important aspect of consciousness.

It is said, “As above so below,” and there are many interpretations of this concept. Perhaps this refers to the energetic structures that express creation. Creation is the physical expression of energy and, therefore, consciousness. It is often noted that one can find the face of God in creation […]

February 2nd, 2014|Energy, Physicality|

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