It is important that no matter what participation you have had in the creation of that which is distasteful to you, not in alignment with the path of your soul or for your highest good, that the process of surrender and dominion is pure and untainted by the negative ego consciousness. It doesn’t matter if you burn your village down on purpose because of lack of understanding or information; if it was burned down by natural or outside forces, or divine will it doesn’t matter. When you stand in the light of the Oneness of All That Is and you call upon that presence, you are in dominion. All those in your reality are in service to your creation and when you commit, dedicate and consecrate your reality into the Oneness of All That Is, you will receive an undistorted image of your own inner perception. You are then speaking to the voices of your own inner being. Not for self-judgment but for understanding and readjustment of your intent and purpose.

Guilt has no place here. Blame has no place here. Learn from that which you have experienced and gracefully let it go.

manifestatonsHonoring and respecting that reality that it has served you well to bring you here and now. When you identify you no longer need it, let it go as an honored aspect of yourself or perhaps like a precious piece of clothing worn at an important event placed in your closet, in a place of honor and safe keeping. No longer used, no longer animated, no longer in movement yet acknowledged for what it has served in your life. Perhaps you have rummaged through an old box of clothing or seen a picture of yourself from decades ago wearing a favored piece of clothing. It was important to you and you felt it expressed you but you would never think to wear that piece of clothing now, it would never fit with who you are now. So it is with letting go of a reality no longer needed, the old you doesn’t fit. We understand that realities are subtle and one looks for an event, a revelation to indicate that change is afoot. The very desire for change creates the reality without fanfare.

What we wish for you is to gracefully let go, yet to let go one must understand that which they are giving up. Without judgment, without un-forgiveness, without blame or guilt, look squarely in the eye the reality that you desire to see changed. Listen to the voices of those who participate in your creation. They are an indicator of what you have called into your reality from the power of your own mind. In that light, you can change.

Realities and your dominion of them can seem at times to be a cruel joke, feeling not fully prepared to navigate the pathways ahead.

Would you place a child behind a wheel of a car or hand an infant a loaded firearm, the outcome seems disastrous. That would be quite true if you were orphaned or abandoned. The wonderful thing is that the more you become empowered, you must also become more connected to the Oneness of All That Is. The saddest place in all the universe is isolation and disempowerment. The safety valve is if you are not connected you cannot be powerful, now you will say “but I have, others have, have created or mis-created and we weren’t very powerful.” We are speaking of intentional creation. A mind unfettered, uncensored, undisciplined is like a toddler randomly shooting a gun or driving a vehicle. But you are not unintentional. You are purposeful now and the unintentional creations created in the past cannot withstand the dominion that comes from the intentional creation born from purposeful intent in union with The One Mind and The One Thought.

When you clearly see your reality through the eyes of The One Mind and the One Thought you can take an honest inventory of your creation. Your challenges are a gift to see those voices within yourself that need healing. You are wiser, stronger and more powerful now than ever before. Though challenges are a third dimensional process, we remind you to continually dedicate it to the the One mind and Thought to be transformed. The realization of unwanted creations is a gift to know yourself, heal yourself, forgive yourself. Remember, even when you observe another one’s lessons, they learn those lessons for you. What aspects of yourself are in the other? And together in union you create a complete and total process of healing.

See all the participants of your life, from your most beloved friend to your supposed greatest adversary—see them take their bow, applaud them for a job well done and let the curtain close on this act of your life.

pathAs we stated it is all simply about learning. It is not about punishment. You can then heal any guilt, any anger, any lack of forgiveness on your part, to yourself or to any others. By surrendering your creation you ENSURE that the events of you life will be for your highest good and in alignment with the path of your soul, otherwise the negative ego consciousness can dissuade you.

The voices of abandonment, fear, guilt, sadness, anger and unworthiness brought into the light to say their goodbyes. That is what surrendering does. When you conquer this you have conquered yourself. You have lifted yourself up and you have become strong and the masters who you are. You are greater than that which afflicts you. You are all powerful. You and only you determine your destiny and your assurance of a desired future.

What frees you from your the doubt of mis-creation, of fear, of error thinking, your belief that you are unable is when you give it to us and we are you. You surrender and claim dominion in The One Mind and The One Thought. This is the pinnacle and at the completion of this process. What is the pit but absolute, utter despair. And when you reach your hand and lift your soul to the loving arms of All That Is you arise from the King’s Chamber to the pinnacle of awareness. We place around you, to use the analogy, a force field of the sheer presence of the Oneness of All That Is to protect you, to make your way easy.

Mis-creations are not your moment of weakness, they are your moment of power.

The negative ego slings and arrows cannot shake you for deep within your soul, sometimes hidden behind the debris of life’s experiences, you know you’ll die knowing. You’ll ascend knowing that what we have spoken to you is true. Bless it. Be the journey. Blessed be the travelers and blessed be the destination in the Oneness of All That Is.

We are here today and we are here tomorrow. We are here a month, a year, and years to come for there is work to be done. Trust. Acknowledge and surrender into the healing, re-creative powers of The One Mind and The One Thought. For we call forth from the four corners of the universe a new reality and your world shifts. We are complete, joyously