Throughout all your holy writings, it speaks of the value of giving. For it is an acknowledgment that one has received. One cannot give without having received and one cannot receive without giving. The gift is not given out of need nor should it be given out of self-aggrandizement. The gift allows the necessary flow of creation to sustain itself.

Everything receives, and everything gives.

This cycle of giving and receiving is quite evident in nature. Even your mighty sun must have the gift of the gaseous fuels to fire its brilliant spirit. The animal lays down its life that you might live. The roots deep in the earth bring nutrients to the leaves in the spring. And in the fall lay themselves down upon the ground to be re-incorporated again.

We have spoken in the past about how humanity has forgotten its participation and its need to give back to the earth that which it has received. Now to do so creates a stagnant pool of nonpotable water for both the body and the soul. You are not generous when you give, you are responsible. You are fulfilling your commitment to be a participant in the ever supportive cycle of existence.

Yes, we understand you give gifts to those you love as an expression of your affection. Indeed, this is good and beneficial. But what we are speaking of is a greater goodness, a deeper meaning to the expression of giving. It is first an acknowledgment that you have received, and it is secondly an invitation to be open to receive more. The universe, do you call it God or the Source, perhaps mother earth or the universe in which you dwell, generously gives to you and you give thanks in return.

There is though a deeper question at hand. You have been given the mind of God.

You are the physical expression of the consciousness of God. How do you give back that? If the reception is the roots deep in the ground nurturing the blossom on the tree, how do you lay yourself gently down to continue the circle? Who do you give that consciousness to? How do you complete the circle and not have the very expression of consciousness existence lie dormant in the tomb of a non-generous soul.

You do not give God back that which is given, either out of need or even desire for more. Now it is true that it has been stated that to give, be it something physical or spiritual, is to give thanks and acknowledge your willingness to receive greater gifts.

What we are speaking of here is total and complete. You already are the expression of consciousness of God. And through sharing and living it, you can become more fully aware of its presence in your life.

As we have stated, all things are circular. And if you were given something, you will also be asked to pass it on. So how do you, like the leaf, lay yourself down so that you can be re-incorporated into the source and return again as a new leaf in the light of day?

The gift, the return is to lay yourself down, to fully accept, acknowledge and rejoice in your physical expression.

You have come from the blossoms of heaven’s consciousness and you return to the deep, rich earth that is the root of all physical existence. It is one thing, and it can never change to be the consciousness of God in physical form. It is another thing to express it.

Do not leave your world orphaned by being a neglectful parent in the presence of her children.

Ponder your physical body and make it your intent, your destiny, your life’s expression, to become the transformed and transfigured expression of God in physical form. During the holiday season, you had celebrated the birth of one that you believed expressed fully as God. Let it be a reminder to you that your physical expression is nothing less. If you could but comprehend earth’s joy at your arrival, how the flower is graced by your presence and the birds fly more lightly on the breeze because you exist. Hope has come into the world that consciousness exists in physical form.

You have been given a great commission and you are not only the ambassadors but the heirs to the kingdom because you are of the royal family of God.

You make it possible for your brothers and your sisters, the trees and the birds, the bears and the fishes, to know consciously the creator. It has been said before, yet we will repeat it again, the world has been made holy by you.

This, beloved soul of light, is your child. Do you not nurture a child, protect a child, teach a child? Some would say but the earth is our mother. Indeed, there is truth to that; for, from its very fruits of its womb of physical existence, you are nurtured and cared for. But now it is time to give. What you can give the world is what you have been given: the full expression of the conscious expression of God in physical form.

Can you not feel it? Are you not reminded? The next time you take a morsel of food, you walk across the grass, or smell a flower or meet an animal along the way, bless it, grace it with your presence. Not because you are greater than, no, dear ones, for upon the whim of consciousness the very tree could speak the name of God.

You are not only the heir to divinity but you are the brothers and sisters of creation who have willingly taken upon yourself to assist all that you encounter. It has been said with great power comes great responsibility. Would that not hold true when within your hand you hold the scepter of All That Is? And upon your crown the diadem of consciousness.