Life, in its myriad and many forms, is an expression of the consciousness of energy. If one is most observant and astute they can learn a great deal about the energetic elements of the universe by observing the many life forms upon your planet.

Life, in that context, is a key to unlock the awareness of the consciousness of God expressing in physical form. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is divine.

Do not mistake life for existence; for, you will always exist. You have always existed but you will not always live in this particular physical expression.

It is imperative early in this discussion to understand that anything that lives exists–and that which exists lives. All from the stone to the human are equal participants in existence. Energy is multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. So the rock or the bird or the baby all express an important aspect of energy, and therefore, an important aspect of consciousness.

leafIt is said, “As above so below,” and there are many interpretations of this concept. Perhaps this refers to the energetic structures that express creation. Creation is the physical expression of energy and, therefore, consciousness. It is often noted that one can find the face of God in creation and, indeed, you can. If you wish to have insight into the mind of God, you only needs to look at the perfect harmony and balance of the elements of creation and their unison in assistance to each other.

Do not become so literal that when the lion consumes the deer that God is gobbling up his creation; for, on the infinite number of planets that contain life, there are many expressions of species’ interaction in assistance to each other.

If anything, the need for food to exist is an indicator that life cannot exist without another.

Energy as you know it in this dimension is cyclical and is reflected as we have indicated of the sacred symbol of the next dimension which simplistically explains that there is no beginning and no end. The further you move away from something, the closer you come to it. There is a trend emerging in the intellectual circles, scientific exploration and philosophical debates that reinforce this theory. The reason that all living things are born and die is that they might be both the receiver and contributor to the creation experience.

Do not assume that the rock or water or air do not live or that you as sentient beings are more favored or more chosen than any other aspect of creation.

lifeIf it was not for the rock, water or air, the soil upon which you stand, the grain which you consume, the animal that keeps you warm, you would physically disintegrate into nothing. Rather you, dear ones, are the capstone of the pyramid where all of creation and the perfect energetic expression of the consciousness of God is fulfilled. That is why you exist. That is the purpose of your life’s expression.

If humanity would remember that this is the purpose and the source of their existence, they would be humbled by that recognition and be both the assistants and the servants of the creation of which they have been given dominion.