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An Invitation to Yourselves

You do not define your life by a day; do not define your existence by a life. Your life is one note in a great symphony playing in perfect harmony with the One Mind and One Thought. We wish for you to unhinge yourself from this life experience in order that you can comprehend them all.
We want to break your identification and definition of who you are as only this life experience.
When you isolate yourself to your present experience you have limited yourself, you are infinitely accessible to all aspects of yourself. Why utilize just one aspect of yourself, the masters such as your brother Jesus discovered himself in the other dimensions. He could never have transfigured if he never knew himself in the other dimensions. It was himself from another dimension that came and got him from the grave. We declare to you that this is a time of resurrection and eternal beingness.
Jesus could look at Good Friday as the best day or the worst day of his life.
Understand that when Jesus took his last breath through the sweat and blood that blurred his vision, when he took the last look at the earth or his mother, he did not know […]

July 24th, 2014|Enlightenment, Metaphysical|

Thoughts On A Nurturing World

The earth has every gift of the oneness of All That Is; no level of Consciousness is less than the other or limited. Physicality shares in the consciousness of All That Is. It could not be anything less than eternal and infinite.
Go and look with the eyes of the oneness of All That Is. Listen with the ears of All That Is. For the earth has a secret that it wants to tell you that will give you dominion over your world.
Now, one might question why, why would it take so long, why would I need this process. First of all it is a beautiful process of self-awareness. Second, when you are complete with it you can’t remain in physical form upon this planet, you will ascend. Because your world, your perception will have changed, and so will your reality. Be playful, and in that play be observant. This is not a test to pass, it a gift to receive.

We want you to love the earth upon which you stand, the air which you breathe.
Recall and remember that this is God also, that the world, the universe is the physical expression of God.
It is our wish to assist you […]

July 13th, 2014|Awakening, Physicality|

Always Present

It is difficult in a temporal world to comprehend the concept of eternity. It is as difficult to comprehend infinity in a finite existence.
Yet the reality of your existence is that you are always present in all time and space.
Even the event of a physical death does not diminish your presence or the presence of those who you have encountered from being part of your present reality.

Though many of the great masters have spoken of it, the man, Jesus, told his followers that he would always be with them. What did that mean? We will say that his promise was not unique for there is no loss, it cannot be in the universe in which you exist, there can only be change. Everyone you have ever loved or cared for, anyone who has ever been your friend or a confidante, is whispering in your ear and reminding you that, “I will be with you to the end of time.”
The community in which you participate is far more vast and inclusive that you can imagine.
There are far more beings in your presence that are unaffected by the negative ego consciousness or who stand in the light and awareness of the […]

July 6th, 2014|Awakening, Enlightenment|

Countdown to Evolution

Even in your holy writings it speaks of the labor pains of the birthing of the “Christ” consciousness, yet when the mother beholds the child, her pain is forgotten by the realization that a life has been brought into the world. Your spiritual awareness and your intellectual psyche are fully aware that you are on countdown to your destiny. Perhaps likened to the countdown of a space shot, the closer you get to the blast off, the more activity and the double checks that all systems are working properly.

Why would you not do the same for the greatest event in human history which is about to occur in your reality? Or perhaps you don’t really believe it is going to occur? We assure you that the deep intuitive levels of your mind are aware and responding to the every-increasing energies being transmitted to this planet.
When critical mass is met–and it will be met, just like water hits the boiling point–humanity will ascend into a new level of consciousness.
The reason there is mention of the tribulation is not because it is some externally imposed punishment for human behavior but rather the tribulation is in direct proportion to one’s resistance to […]

July 2nd, 2014|Awakening, Enlightenment|

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