The earth has every gift of the oneness of All That Is; no level of Consciousness is less than the other or limited. Physicality shares in the consciousness of All That Is. It could not be anything less than eternal and infinite.

Go and look with the eyes of the oneness of All That Is. Listen with the ears of All That Is. For the earth has a secret that it wants to tell you that will give you dominion over your world.

Now, one might question why, why would it take so long, why would I need this process. First of all it is a beautiful process of self-awareness. Second, when you are complete with it you can’t remain in physical form upon this planet, you will ascend. Because your world, your perception will have changed, and so will your reality. Be playful, and in that play be observant. This is not a test to pass, it a gift to receive.

nurturing world

We want you to love the earth upon which you stand, the air which you breathe.

Recall and remember that this is God also, that the world, the universe is the physical expression of God.

It is our wish to assist you to love your world. See the world as friendly. A difficulty is that you view the world as the people in it, we want you to view the planet as the Consciousness of God, and your very being is born of that Consciousness.

When you realize the world is your friend, every physical aspects works in harmony to assist in that full implosion into physical form. Consciousness must reside in all houses, and this is how it expresses here in this corner of the universe.

Realize that the entirety of your world is in service to you; for, God cannot be fractured from itself.

Your journey here is to embrace the world, embrace the beauty.

There is a place and space in any house of Consciousness that no one can intrude upon. Find your place where no one can intrude upon. Find the walls of your dominion, and by claiming it you will see the Garden of Eden for you.

nurturing world

The key to remember is you always have a place and space that you are in dominion of.

That infinite peace, protection and nurturing is available in any and all circumstances, be you in a great city, a hospital, your home, the mountains, courtroom. Wherever you have your place of dominion and within that place of dominion you have access to all the attributes and all the assets that the planet has to give to you. It is a warrior energy of dominion. Claim your connection to the earth; for, the earth itself is sacred.

You have your space, your sanctuary. What is a sanctuary but a sanctified place. It is a locale where you are in dominion of spirit. What is spirit–it is manifestation, and within the boundaries of that manifestation is an infinite horizon of opportunities and possibilities.

It may serve you well, indeed, to acknowledge and accept that the universe is working on your behalf in all things.

nurturing world

The planet of its very nature offers peace and security and strength.

And you in that peace, security, and strength find your sanctuary, a place that is untouchable by any others. And in that untouchable place the miracles occur, the gifts are given, the physical universe, the physical earth, the physical plane of existence gives you good gifts, and in receiving those gifts do not hoard, do not control, do not seek to maintain, they are for you to use in an ever abundant flow.

There is safety and security and there is always a place for you in physical expression.

You reside by a river that never ends. Reach deeply into the flowing waters of your heart’s desire of abundance. peace, joy and drink deeply. You do not need to dam the river, or get a bigger cup, you simply need to reach into the flow and be filled.

Identifying the security, the protection and the power of the physical realm in which you dwell, and creating your space where you have dominion. Accept the magic, watch the opportunities unfold, and be prepared to allow them to flow through you freely. For you stand in a non-ending stream of abundance.

nurturing world