Even in your holy writings it speaks of the labor pains of the birthing of the “Christ” consciousness, yet when the mother beholds the child, her pain is forgotten by the realization that a life has been brought into the world. Your spiritual awareness and your intellectual psyche are fully aware that you are on countdown to your destiny. Perhaps likened to the countdown of a space shot, the closer you get to the blast off, the more activity and the double checks that all systems are working properly.

Why would you not do the same for the greatest event in human history which is about to occur in your reality? Or perhaps you don’t really believe it is going to occur? We assure you that the deep intuitive levels of your mind are aware and responding to the every-increasing energies being transmitted to this planet.

When critical mass is met–and it will be met, just like water hits the boiling point–humanity will ascend into a new level of consciousness.

The reason there is mention of the tribulation is not because it is some externally imposed punishment for human behavior but rather the tribulation is in direct proportion to one’s resistance to release those things that are not in alignment with this new consciousness or the acceptance of the changes that will occur. Humanity, oddly, will reject that which is better for them because it is perceived as unknown to remain in that which feels comfortable yet is a prison. Like the cat standing in front of the open door, fearful to move into a new world, content to remain in its comfortable and familiar prison.

There is no power on earth, nor is there in the heavens or the spiritual realms, in which we and you dwell that can hinder, deflect or stop this progression in consciousness returning to its source.

It is a wonderful cycle of creation, ever enfolding upon itself and ever expanding.

Each of you must take ownership in preparation for the ascent that is about to occur when one takes an honest inventory of their behaviors, their actions, their attitudes and beliefs, releasing them that they may be brought into alignment with the new world that awaits them. Your world will be at peace, your life.

Humanity throughout history, has predicted “the end of times” but individuals choose to avoid thinking about it, just as one might ignore the reality of their own death. This vibrational increase in universal energy offers new and exciting opportunities for humanity to expand their awareness and their lives. It is the negative ego consciousness that creates fear of change and wishes to hold you back.

In the history of human existence on this planet, you are in the last seconds of a countdown to an explosion of universal energy that will transform the face of your world and the reality of your lives.

So give as much time and attention to this approaching reality as you would to other events in your life. Humanity is always anticipating, always expecting, be it the next paycheck, the next oil change of the car, an anniversary, a birthday or a holiday. Why would you not anticipate? Why would you not prepare for it? For the greatest event in history.

It has only occurred a few times in the millennia of history that there is an additional option to death.

We are The One Mind and The One Mind and we have truly come to guide you home. Rejoice. Celebrate. And embrace the events to come in your life.