You do not define your life by a day; do not define your existence by a life. Your life is one note in a great symphony playing in perfect harmony with the One Mind and One Thought. We wish for you to unhinge yourself from this life experience in order that you can comprehend them all.

We want to break your identification and definition of who you are as only this life experience.

When you isolate yourself to your present experience you have limited yourself, you are infinitely accessible to all aspects of yourself. Why utilize just one aspect of yourself, the masters such as your brother Jesus discovered himself in the other dimensions. He could never have transfigured if he never knew himself in the other dimensions. It was himself from another dimension that came and got him from the grave. We declare to you that this is a time of resurrection and eternal beingness.

Jesus could look at Good Friday as the best day or the worst day of his life.

Understand that when Jesus took his last breath through the sweat and blood that blurred his vision, when he took the last look at the earth or his mother, he did not know that he would resurrect. But he trusted in the God of his Being that Divine Will would be done. From eternity he responded to himself and his eternal aspect beyond time and space expressed as the risen Anointed One because he had become one with the One Mind and One Thought and expressed as the One Soul—as will you.

There is a place in the center of your mind in which you can touch all aspects and energies of yourself.

It is your portal in which to call forth those aspects of yourself that have already learned these lessons that are assisting to you. You are greater than the sum total of all your parts. Simply go to that place of desire and intent within. That is the infinite eternal space within you.

As your life is not judged by a day, your existence is not judged by a lifetime—and we want you to be able to tap all of them.

Each life experience is like an orchestra playing a symphony in soundproof rooms where each musician is playing the same song—when you go into the One Mind and the One Thought the sound proof walls have been removed and you hear it all.