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God Mind

We have spoken to you of Consciousness as being synonymous with the creative force and source of the universe. We have specifically spoken of God Consciousness which is in alignment to the intent and purposes of creation. We have indicated to you that you are that consciousness in physical form, the chalice of beingness.

So why would we again speak of and add a new terminology to this already well-defined concept? God Mind is the answer. The previous terms express your relationship to the universe and the creative force of existence. It speaks in a manner that though you be one with it, it is something to be obtained, something to become.

The God Mind is who you are and where you exist. We speak of the conscious mind. We speak of the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind; the super ego and the id, and the higher self; the soul and the oversoul—many terms in an attempt to define who you are in relationship to what you are.

We have named ourselves The One Mind, The One Thought, and The One Soul and have invited you to acknowledge, surrender and be dominion in your life. The God Mind is when the observer […]

October 23rd, 2014|The One Mind, Universe|

Boomerang of Consciousness

We are quite sure that most reading this concept have heard of the boomerang and its ability, when thrown, to return to the sender. We find this an excellent analogy to assist in the understanding the dynamics of thought and emotion and its creative process. You have heard it said what you project returns to itself. That everything you do, be it positive or negative, you do to yourself. We have spoken of the spiral stairs of consciousness. The Course in Miracles speaks of returning to where you began and seeing it for the very first time.

With that said, let us explain a law of the universe:
All is circular, meaning the further you move away from yourself, the closer you are returning to yourself.
Let us give an example, if you were to stand upon your planet facing east and as you stepped away from that place, you would be further from where you began but at the same time you would be closer to returning to where you started. Even Einstein in his theory of relativity understood this concept. Therefore, any action you take is returning to yourself. Any thought that you think must come back to the one […]

October 19th, 2014|Consciousness, Universe|

The Art of Compassion

There are many gifts you can give to another, but if any gift were to be considered a sister to love, it would be compassion. The art of compassion, when mastered, empowers the receiver and heals the giver.

First, what is compassion and what is it to be compassionate? Let us start by asking you to remember a time when someone showed you compassion. What did it look like? How did it make you feel? For many, the answer would be that the other person understood what you were feeling at face value and interestingly enough, did it without participating in the emotion or the event.
The art of compassion is the ability to acknowledge without judgment and understand without involvement.
The non-prejudicial attitude and acceptance validates the receiver’s experience and therefore, empowers them. The non-participation in the emotion allows the giver to heal themself of similar energies, by understanding it in another, they understand it in themselves. Compassion’s uninvestment is based upon the giver’s ability to forgive the self so that the person can accept another without judgment or participation. Compassion to another is their declaration of forgiveness which is why it is such a powerful healing expression of love.
Compassion is […]

October 10th, 2014|Love|

A Holographic Experience

Reality as a Holographic Experience
In order to understand the concept of dimensional existence and what it means one must consider the changing of the age. We have indicated that the universe has seasons just as your planet, times for growth, time for rest, time for harvest, time for work. As it is said in your holy writings “there is a season under the sun for all things.”

They cyclical nature of existence on your planet is a reflection of the same cyclical movement of the universe, not only physically but also energetically and consciously. All dimensions exist simultaneously and occupy the same place, time, thought and energy.
So how does one access dimensional thinking, especially in the light of a shift in consciousness—or perhaps it is the shift in consciousness that assists in the dimensional thinking?
The cycles of the universe, the ebbs and flows of energy, are much like the waves of the sea against the sand. They will continue to come, to pulse against the very fabric of the universe. The choice at hand is how one chooses to experience that shift. A holographic image when held in the hand is adjusted in order that you might see the multi-level […]

October 3rd, 2014|Consciousness|

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