We are quite sure that most reading this concept have heard of the boomerang and its ability, when thrown, to return to the sender. We find this an excellent analogy to assist in the understanding the dynamics of thought and emotion and its creative process. You have heard it said what you project returns to itself. That everything you do, be it positive or negative, you do to yourself. We have spoken of the spiral stairs of consciousness. The Course in Miracles speaks of returning to where you began and seeing it for the very first time.

With that said, let us explain a law of the universe:

All is circular, meaning the further you move away from yourself, the closer you are returning to yourself.

Let us give an example, if you were to stand upon your planet facing east and as you stepped away from that place, you would be further from where you began but at the same time you would be closer to returning to where you started. Even Einstein in his theory of relativity understood this concept. Therefore, any action you take is returning to yourself. Any thought that you think must come back to the one who thought it.

That is the boomerang of consciousness. The sacred symbol of the fourth dimension is the circle. All must return to the source of that which created it. When one understands that, they can more fully comprehend their environment and their creative process.

You create the boomerang of Boomerangconsciousness
when that which you created
— returns to you,
— you accept it,
— you observe it,
— you understand it,
— you recreate it and
— send it on its way to return to you again.

Everything that you experience, seeming positive or negative, is a return from that which you have created. Yes, not all thoughts are conscious and not all action intentional—but it doesn’t matter. You cannot escape yourself and you cannot escape your creation but understanding that boomerang of consciousness empowers you in a manner that allows you to make dynamic shifts in your reality. Consciousness is creative, and creation by its very nature is cyclical. Even the universes spiral around the thought of their being.

You are neither trapped nor limited by this concept but rather fully and totally free. No thought is an orphan to its creator. No action isolated from its source. Be willing participants in your reality Boomerangand responsible builders of your creation. The wonderful thing about creation is that it returns to you; so, you can observe and adjust and realign that which you desire. Just as light upon an object is the means by which it is reflected; creation is the reflection of your consciousness. It is a gift that allows you more fully to understand and be in dominion of your life.

Throw your boomerang of consciousness with intent, clarity, wisdom and purpose. Allow it on its travels to obtain experience and return to you wiser than that which you sent forth. Celebrate the circle. Behold the cyclical nature of existence and the cycle of creation and you will understand more fully how to experience existence.