Reality as a Holographic Experience

In order to understand the concept of dimensional existence and what it means one must consider the changing of the age. We have indicated that the universe has seasons just as your planet, times for growth, time for rest, time for harvest, time for work. As it is said in your holy writings “there is a season under the sun for all things.”

They cyclical nature of existence on your planet is a reflection of the same cyclical movement of the universe, not only physically but also energetically and consciously. All dimensions exist simultaneously and occupy the same place, time, thought and energy.

So how does one access dimensional thinking, especially in the light of a shift in consciousness—or perhaps it is the shift in consciousness that assists in the dimensional thinking?

The cycles of the universe, the ebbs and flows of energy, are much like the waves of the sea against the sand. They will continue to come, to pulse against the very fabric of the universe. The choice at hand is how one chooses to experience that shift. A holographic image when held in the hand is adjusted in order that you might see the multi-level image that is contained within it. So it is when utilizing and participating in dimensional consciousness. It is how you position yourself to your reality as one might adjust the position of a holographic image to their eye that you can see what is within.

How does one know where to stand in position to their reality in order to observe inter-dimensional images, information and experiences? What one often forgets is that to observe a holographic image the assumption is that you are adjusting it to your eye, to your focus. When inholographic reality you are focusing it to the light. A holographic image can only be created when it reflects light that is shined upon it.

A holographic image, out of necessity, needs light and it is that light that is refracted off the image that creates the holographic experience. And so it is with you.

To experience inter-dimensional existence, one must position themselves that they can see the light as it reflects upon your reality. This might seem like pretty words or inadequate analogy, but we wish for you to stop and consider what this concept is offering you. Light is constant and we will use that term to indicate consciousness. The dimensions are firmly planted inthe fabric of existence. Therefore, you are the variable factor.

Position yourself as you view your reality in a manner that allows you to see the light of consciousness.

We wish for you to consider this. To perhaps ponder it. That this analogy might be deeply embedded in your conscious mind for it is the basis for understanding the shifts that are occurring in human consciousness and your ability to participate, utilize and acknowledge the transition that is occurring. Like the wave upon the sea, one can ride the crest or be caught in the outgoing tide. You determine by your attitude and your actions to what degree you will move forward in this universal expansion.

There is no threat here for there is nothing to be threatened. It is an opportunity to advance your consciousness and your beingness; for humanity, as well as creation, are always expanding, always growing, and your greatest benefit is to participate in that growth.

Position yourself in relationship to your reality in such a way that the light of consciousness reflects upon it and allows you to comprehend the unseen but very present levels of existence that are present in every aspect of your life.

How does one position oneself? Like an actor finding his mark on a stage. What allows you to be in the perfect place of participation and observation? We have spoken to you of the source, the observer, and the manifestation. We have indicated to you that acknowledgement, surrender and dominion allows you to create all desired things in your life. The holographic experience of existence exists when an individual identifies those three components within himself or herself. Dimensional existence is available and evident when one allows the consciousness of All That Is expressed and acknowledgment, surrender and dominion to be in balance.

It is often spoken that human consciousness is but a degree from the awareness of All That Is. Do not think of it like degrees in a circle but rather a triangulation, like a sextant of consciousness that allows you to identify where you dwell and indicates to you the direction to go to reach your destination.

It is said that the universe is an expression of All That Is. And indeed, it is. But the true nature of creation, the true expression of existence, is that inter-dimensional, holographic embodiment of creative consciousness.

Not only does holographicacknowledgment, surrender and dominion pave the way to create creative change in your life. It is the key that opens the door to multiple realities and eternal expressions of your existence.

We will speak further of this in the future but we perceive for the moment we have spoken enough. But let us assure you that it is fully within your ability and, indeed, within your capability to achieve, participate and exist as multi-dimensional beings in the creative process of the universe. There are no boundaries. There are no limitations. There are no walls that stand in your way to fully experience the beings who you are. The shift in consciousness that is occurring is one such step in the process of eliminating the illusion and accessing the reality of your existence.

Enjoy the process of experimentation and take time to adjust your perception and the light of consciousness that shines upon your reality, and you will see experiences, expressions, worlds and wonders upon your existence.

This is a process that we will continue to delve into. Herein lies the inter-dimensional travel. Herein lies the ability to shift reality. What do you perceive your brothers and sisters of the realms have that you do not have. What knowledge or skills do they have that you have yet to discover. The truth is that the seeds have been planted and are being well nurtured and nourished, you only need to allow yourself to be open and accepting.

See your point of perception not as the source of what you experience, but rather the receiver of what is being expressed.

Of course, you go through your world and from your point of perception it is inevitable that you will perceive yourself, your identity to be at the center of your existence. In a sense, that is all you know. What would happen if you were to place your identity in the source of consciousness, and you were just the receiver. To identify yourself more with the source. That you, the individual, this physical persona, these senses, are not the generator of your reality but rather consciousness is the originator and you are the receiver, the receptor of what is being made manifest.

Think of it this way, going back to the analogy of the movie theater. We have spoken to you of being a filter but the projection does not flow through you. It splashes upon the screen of your holographicreality and is reflected back to you, and it is in that reception of that image is how you consciously perceive it. There is nothing that the observer does that can in any way affect the perfect project of the manifestation of reality. Nothing. Paradise exists. The inter-dimensional nature of creation is present. And one of the ways that you position yourself in order to better see this reflection is by the elimination of those filters that hinder you. Imagine that an image on the screen had 3D aspects and that where you positioned yourself in relationship to the source and its manifestation upon the screen allows you to see the depth of the image.

Enough for the moment but indeed food for thought.