Divine Will

There is a fear that divine will is not good enough, the ego holds desperately on to its point of view and its options. All your pain and suffering comes from the false belief of how it should be, what it should be. There are two minds, there is the human mind, ego and the Divine Mind which is the collective whole. The ego has no more ability to determine or identify the future than a light-bulb has the ability to create light–although both are the vehicles of light. The ego is the conduit for divine expression. Atonement is when the Divine Mind, or should we say the ego perception, is in alignment with the Divine Mind.
That is the conflict you are experiencing. Individuality does not mean alienation, individuality is a means of expression, nothing more, nothing less.
Nothing has, nothing can, nothing will ever affect Divine Consciousness. Your pain and suffering, your struggles are the feeble attempt of the ego consciousness to maintain a foothold. The truth is found in where you identify your center. Do you see yourself physical seeking to live spiritual, or spiritual seeking to live physical? The answer is obvious, the implementation is not so easy.

You […]

March 24th, 2009|Consciousness|

The Expansion

The Expansion and the Oneness of One’s Consciousness
Humanity, often times to learn, to create or change, chooses a painful and arduous path to awaken to a new awareness of their reality. The subtleties of the higher levels of human consciousness are faintly detected or, perhaps, not heard above the din of everyday life. Humanity feels trapped in its reality, even worse in its perception. For reality is the result of one’s perception. There are many stories about individuals that so easily could be saved if they just but reached their hand out for assistance. Salvation slips away with the belief that what is being offered is more dangerous, or salvation fails to match a preconceived idea.

The imagery we will use is the insect banging its head against the interior windshield of an automobile while the two side windows are open, and the creature remains there scrambling to and fro until exhaustion and ultimately death. Humanity bangs its head against the windshield of reality and seems unwilling, not unable, to look for the open windows of freedom.
This plane of existence has become more difficult as the light of a new dawn peers above the eastern horizon.
When all that you know […]

January 5th, 2009|Consciousness, Metaphysical|

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