Personality of God

The following is an excerpt from The Seven Gifts of Consciousness, The Bounty of the Universe.

In this mini-book, we explore the intrinsic nature of consciousness in your life. Many religions have a list of attributes to be possessed and behaviors to be attained—gifts of spirit and acts of mercy—to mention just a few. Whatever the basis of your spiritual belief, there is a behavioral set of standards to be obtained. Reaching the standards in your life is generally accepted as an indicator that you are on the spiritual path of attainment.

There is truth to this belief that there are certain hallmarks of behavior that indicate spiritual grace. We would adjust that belief slightly by stating that the spiritual nature of consciousness expressed in physical form is not something so much to be attained—but accepted.

In this mini-book, we will discuss the seven gifts of cosmic consciousness, the nature of consciousness expressed in physical form. They are not so much goals to be reached but tools to be accepted in order to be conscious creators of your reality and in alignment with the creative force of All That Is.

Cosmic consciousness is said to be the personality of God. The seven gifts […]

May 2nd, 2012|All That Is, Consciousness|

The Garden: Parity or Promise?

The following is an excerpt from Paradise, The Prime Real Estate of Consciousness. 

In the vast majority of religious beliefs there is a tradition that humanity, once perfect, has fallen from its original state. The spiritual endeavors and religious beliefs throughout the centuries have been to guide humanity to climb out of the spiritual pit they had seemingly fallen into. This has been and is the impetus for spiritual discovery and enlightenment.

You do not need to observe the current human conditions for very long to be persuaded that the garden either does not presently exist or it is in desperate need of weeding. So what of the garden? Does it or does it not exist? Did it ever? Will it in the future?

Any conversation on paradise must include a discussion of this previous utopian state of human existence. Paradise is seen as a return to that original state of being. Humanity—unworthy, damaged and plagued by the physical world—needs redemption, salvation or intervention by the one who originally created the garden.

Theologians throughout the centuries have made excuses for the demise of humanity’s original state, pointing fingers and throwing stones at the human condition. Unfortunately the result of such beliefs has caused humanity to […]

April 18th, 2012|Consciousness|

The Practical Application of Consciousness in Creation

The following is an excerpt from Cosmic Consciousness, The Personality of God Upon Creation.  

Consciousness is the initiator of all that exists, and the I AM expresses the realization of the whole of all existence. Yet, how does consciousness create and thought manifest? What are the practical applications to being a creative force in your reality?
In the physical plane of existence, creation is seen as active—a thought envisioned, a plan made, an action taken—to create what is envisioned.
In the world of temporality, these individual phases of creation are distinct and obvious. In the realms of consciousness, creation and the creator are a state of being. In the world of consciousness where time is of no affect, the conception and the creation are simultaneous. Without the creation, there can be no conception, and without the creator, there can be no manifestation.

We understand that this can be confusing when you are immersed in the linear concept of time. Creation is a multi-faceted process simultaneously occurring in the realms of spirit. In the higher dimensions of consciousness, creation takes no effort at all. Creation, by its very nature, is a symbiotic process for the creator sustains the creation, and the creation sustains the […]

March 9th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Expansion of Consciousness

In the infinite expansion of consciousness, the spiritual pilgrim becomes increasingly aware that the path to enlightenment is not a destination or a goal to be obtained, but an evolutionary process to participate in. Nothing in the universe is static, not even consciousness itself. All is dynamic and ever evolving and changing. Creation is the celebration of consciousness exploring itself—and so it is with your journey of spiritual awakening and awareness.
The wonderment is that neither you nor consciousness is finite, and the possibilities and the potential for expression of your existence are beyond measure.
In the process of spiritual growth and development, the truths of today may be the memories of tomorrow; yet, each and every discovery that you make on the path to enlightenment is an important step on the spiral stairs to the consciousness of All That Is.

To become locked or invested in a certain belief or dogma would be similar to stopping half the way up a staircase and declaring that you have arrived at the next floor. Spiritual truth is enhanced by openness and acceptance and the willingness to adapt and change, not in rigid structure and belief. The dynamic nature of existence, the dynamic nature […]

February 25th, 2012|Consciousness|

Convergence of Consciousness

Convergence of Consciousness, Elements of Creation
The convergence of consciousness is the point at which creation occurs. It is the meeting point of the necessary elements to conceive a new creation. One such point was at the creation of your universe, a moment in a place beyond existence where the convergence of self-awareness and desire merged.
The convergence of consciousness occurs within.
Existence is the outward expression of an internal dynamic. All the universe is an outward expression of an internal consciousness. Whose consciousness was it? Where did it come from? Was it God? Was it a fluke in the cosmic energies of creation? Was it you?

It is nearly impossible for humanity to perceive something outside of existence. It’s incomprehendable and can be likened to humanity’s evolutionary process of understanding the universe, believing it revolved around the earth or the planet was flat.
The internal expression of creation is consciousness, in the external manifestation of existence it is energy.
The convergence of consciousness is expressed through universal energy, and universal energy mirrors the consciousness that created it—dynamic, ever expanding, infinitely expressing and eternally changing.

At this point in the evolutionary process of humanity’s awakening, do not worry yourself or seek to understand that which cannot […]

February 16th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

The Sacredness of Science

The following is from Chapter 7, Convergence of Consciousness, the Harmonics of Creation.

The convergence of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force and a cornerstone of all that exists. To fully understand your creation and the consciousness in which you dwell, the dedicated student of spiritual enlightenment must consider the philosophical and theoretical aspects of creation, as well as scientific data and theory.
There is no conflict in consciousness between faith and science.
Science is the external exploration of an internal insight, and spirituality is the internal search that drives humanity to explore the world in which they dwell. It is a significant error to view spirituality without science or science without spirituality. To compartmentalize these two studies is to fracture the very truth humanity wishes to discover.
From where do you perceive the laws of science were derived?
What science discovers is the expression of the convergence of consciousness in creation is born from the only consciousness that ever is. When religious beliefs collide with scientific discovery, it is an indicator that either one or both perceive the information incorrectly. When correctly perceived, faith and science are harmonious, like two pieces of a puzzle.
Science without consciousness, or consciousness without science, leads to misunderstanding, […]

February 6th, 2012|Consciousness|

Love Yourself

The complexities of consciousness are a unique combination of the three necessary elements of creation: the source, the observer and the manifestation. The I AM of your being is the definition of that unique creative force; for, it is only in the awareness of self-identification that you can fully be expressive as conscious creators. That is why it has been said that to deny oneself or to lack in self-love is a direct affront and rejection of God; for, you cannot say you love God, call upon the divine or deem it holy if you despise, deny or reject your own expression of existence.

The creative force of All That Is never waivers in its compassion or its willingness to be of assistance. The imagined distance between you and the creator is in direct proportion to your lack of self-acceptance. To find oneself is to find God; to accept oneself is to experience divinity; for, therein lies the only pathway to paradise. Paradise is born from a self-emanating force reflecting the truth of your being. Just as your reality reflects your thoughts in consciousness, paradise is a reflection that you have accepted yourself, fully and completely, as the divine being […]

January 31st, 2012|Consciousness, Creation, Love|

Upon the Page

The following is from Chapter 5, Convergence of Consciousness, the Harmonics of Creation.

All creation is the result of the convergence of consciousness. Everything that exists has an energetic signature and a degree of conscious expression. The convergence of energy is the mechanism by which creation expresses. It is the pen in the creator’s hand. It is the ink upon the page of existence.

Convergence is the primary expression of consciousness in existence. Convergence creates. Without the interaction and joining of the elemental aspects of energy, physical expression, you would not exist. You, like the creator before you, are the artist of your reality, and the elements of consciousness are like the paint upon the master’s palette, waiting to be expressed upon the canvas of existence.

In many ways, the expression of consciousness into creation is not much different than any artistic endeavor. To be a masterful creator is to understand the mediums available to you and the tools you have to express. The artist has their paints, the musician their notes, each utilize their specific tools in creating their masterpiece. The same is true for the creator itself, and the same is true for you.

The convergence of creation into physical expression is […]

January 17th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Convergence in Consciousness

The universe, as one grand instrument, plays a melody to which creation sings. This harmonic vibratory force resonates throughout all physical creation. It is amplified and focused when there is a convergence of consciousness—which occurs when more than one individual is in creative thought and harmony with the melody of the universe.
With the convergence, creative consciousness is multiplied and the creative force emanating from that convergence is virtually limitless.
When you are in alignment with others of like consciousness, you create a portal for dynamic change in the physical plane of existence. The degree to which the creative force is amplified is in direct proportion to its resonance with universal harmonics.
The “Ohm” is the tuning fork of the harmonics of the universal chorus that sings to the creator.
Every physical expression—be it rock, tree, bird or you—sings a song, and you will know if you are keeping beat and harmony with creation singing around you. In the silence of your soul, the song sings and you can hear yourself as a unique voice in the chorus of All That Is.
Convergence in consciousness creates. Harmonic convergence in consciousness is a divine expression of the creator; for, the creator sings to its creation—as […]

November 12th, 2011|Consciousness, Universe|

Dance of Creation

The creative forces of the universe are beyond humanity’s ability to comprehend yet not beyond their ability to appreciate. The inability to fully understand the complexities of the universe and its interaction with its individual parts is not a deficit; for, there is not a single sentient species anywhere throughout the universe that is fully able to fathom the dynamic environment in which they exist. Yet, it would be inappropriate to abandon one’s search for understanding simply because of the inability to comprehend the whole.

In this concept, rather than discussing your neighborhood of the universe and what it is telling you about the creative source that birthed it, we would wish to step back and invite you to join us in a collective overview of the interaction of the aspects of creation with itself.
We have used the term “dance”—the dance of creation. This implies a synchronicity between the elements guided by a common melody.
Dance is a coordination creating beauty, rhythm, and synchronicity. Every single component of the physical universe is born from a corresponding energetic signature of the creative force of All That Is. What you call nature is but one aspect of a complex set of laws that […]

October 19th, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

Understanding the Consciousness of Existence

Existence is one of the three aspects of the consciousness of God. The curious part about the three aspects of divine consciousness—the creator, the created and the observer—is that they do not share a cause and effect relationship. No aspect of consciousness is the source of the other; yet, they are interdependent on each other to perform their role in consciousness. The energetic dynamic between the creative aspects of consciousness with that of the creation is made known through the reality of existence.
Existence is neither vulnerable to nor affected by anything created or not created.
You will always exist because the source of all things and its creations are in perpetual motion creating an eternal and infinite environment for existence to dwell. Humanity, since the beginning of its pursuit of spiritual understanding, has exalted the creative aspect of consciousness over all else, and from that seed of misunderstanding, the concept of God, as you have come to understand it, has been promulgated. Part of the process of awakening is to accept the equality between the aspects of consciousness.

Just as on earth you create from something, the same if is true in the spiritual realms. It is because of misunderstandings that […]

October 15th, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

The Fingerprint

The fingerprint of consciousness in creation is held within the coding at the cellular level of your physical being. Scientists are well aware that they are just beginning to understand the potential and possibilities that this coding holds in understanding the interrelationship between the genes and DNA structure that creates your unique expression.
Scientists are striving to create the perfect human being.
There is truth to the evidence that certain genes and particular coding can have an affinity to create certain illnesses, physical attributes, and tendencies. Your DNA structure and genetic coding are much like the electronics in sophisticated equipment–just as the electronics of a fighter jet can be affected by the mood of its operator—so can your coding. The structure and coding of the DNA patterning and the genetic programming is very, very sensitive to the operator’s—or your—emotional and mental state. The unfortunate thing is that these aberrations from the original coding are transmitted generation to generation and become an expected and anticipated attribute of the species affected by this coding.

Scientists are attempting to excise unwanted genes and manipulate coding in order to create the perfect super human being.
The error in this thinking is that genetic coding is so complex […]

October 1st, 2011|Consciousness, Physicality|

Anatomy of Surrender

When one thinks of the word surrender, one often feels that to surrender is to be defeated. One surrenders when they have become overpowered, no longer able to endure, incapable of victory. Within human society and military operations this definition is quite accurate. Surrender is synomous with defeat.

So, it is expected when one is asked to spiritually surrender that it could mean defeat. We have been powerless against our own demons and beleaguered and disheveled, fatigued and confused. We give up. And, indeed, this behavior is very much parallel to society’s concept of surrender.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Spiritual surrender has nothing to do with giving up; it has nothing to do with defeat; it has nothing to do with going to battle.
In fact, when one does not surrender, they are already defeated.
With that in mind, let us explore the concept of surrender and how it pertains to the aspect of Consciousness which is the thought, the One Thought, encompassed within the mind of humanity.

One might question why we would say not to surrender is to be defeated. Surrender is a lack of participation in that which we do not wish to participate in. The only way […]

July 22nd, 2011|Consciousness, The One Mind|

The Physiology of Consciousness

The expression of consciousness in creation is a dynamic force of divinity. The creator and the creation are in a unique relationship with each other, like a positive charge to a negative charge, or the north pole of a magnet to the south. It is because they both exist and respond to each other that an energy and an attraction are created which propels creation to be expressed in the physical plane of existence and observed by you.
What is that charge between consciousness and creation? What is their interrelationship?
As you are well aware, it is the opposite attributes of an electrical charge or polarization of molecules that attracts and creates an energy. The dynamic relationship between consciousness, always seeking to exist, and creation, always seeking to return to that which created it, produces the energy of existence. Consciousness is the potential, creation is the product of that possibility and beingness observes it. In the relationship between consciousness and creation, existence is born and the I AM of observation is made manifest.
This law of existence is evidenced throughout your physical environment.
From the study of quantum physics’  minutest atom to astronomy’s observation of the greatest star, both exhibit properties of this […]

June 2nd, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

The Physicality of Consciousness in Creation

We have endeavored throughout numerous concepts to describe and define the interrelationship between consciousness and creation. In the most simplistic of definitions, it is a cause and effect relationship, in truth their interaction is far more dynamic and less one sided. They are interdependent expressions of unique energies, interdependent upon each other for expression.

Consciousness, by its very nature, must create and all creation is conscious, be it the rock, the oak, the bird, the bear or the human. As one unified unit, they express the dynamic relationship between the source and its manifestation.
Creation is the evidence of consciousness; and consciousness is the source of creation.
Consciousness is to creation as the candle is to light. It is the integration of these two aspects that create existence and the possibility of beingness. The power and the prestige of your being is that you possess both aspects, both fully participant in the creation and a partner in the consciousness.

The reason that humanity and those species throughout the universe who express this union of consciousness and creation is not some arbitrary gift or reward; it is by its very nature a necessary component of creative consciousness. When you are able to look at […]

May 31st, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

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