Potentials, Possibilities and Promises

We celebrate and rejoice in the potentials, possibilities and promises given humanity. The lessons learned, the tasks accomplished, the goals to reach and the promises to be obtained for you are coming to a deeper appreciation that the expression of your existence is greater than what can be comprehended.
The veil is ever thinning and the expression of physicality and the manifestation of consciousness merges into one dynamic being.
Not only is an expression of existence occurring but a shift in your realities because of the metamorphosis of your consciousness. You are coming to understand, accept and perceive the union of the spiritual and the physical aspects of your existence.

Time and space transform into eternity and infinity, and your perspective of who you are and where you dwell changes the perception of your world. The awareness of your inner being pours forth into your reality. It is the promise of the ages, the merger of the creative mind with the creation, the awareness that all you physically experience is one layer of an infinite holographic experience.
You are not locked into your current perception of yourself or the universe in which you dwell;
It is simply where the seed of your soul was […]

May 2nd, 2014|Consciousness, Physicality|

With Highest Esteem

Consciousness is much like a website hub on the internet with the individual expressions being the outposts connected to the center point of awareness. Humanity often feels less than full participants in the spiritual realms, or worse yet, they see us of the realms as greater than themselves—nothing can be further from the truth.

Just as two individuals choosing different paths does not create inequality, one sibling choosing to go back to school does not mean they are less than the other. In fact, we of the realms hold you in the highest esteem for your willingness to be participants in the physical plane of existence. Without you, the consciousness of creation’s return to the source would cease to exist.
Humanity has been falsely instructed, often through religious institutions, to strive to throw off the vestures of the physical plane of existence.
And that attainment is to overcome and expand beyond their physicality. Creation is equal in all dimensional expressions of consciousness. The flower does not forget its roots or the mighty oak the simple acorn that was the source of its existence. There is nothing in all creation that is to be escaped.

Now there are things created by the negative ego […]

April 20th, 2014|Consciousness|

Knowing the Unknown

Much of humanity’s fear and anxiety is created by the illusion that there is an element of consciousness that is unknown. Behind the closed door, around the corner, and beyond the horizon are perceived as unknown and, therefore, threatening.
Is it curious that the illusion of not knowing is always seen in a negative context.
Perhaps there is a message there and a lesson. That being, it is a falsehood, it is a denial of consciousness to assume that anything is unknown. In the Consciousness of All That Is everything is present and all is known.

We are sure that you are thinking, “That is not true. I don’t now know what tomorrow brings? I do not know what is around the corner. If I did, I would not be blind-sided by unexpected events, there would be no accidents or conflicts.”

That is a very valid concern, and we understand the human perception of reality, which is linear.
When you understand that all in reality is truly known to Consciousness, there are no surprises.
When you determine where you are heading in the now, you can be assured that that which lies beyond your conscious perception will be in alignment with your intent of the moment.

There are no surprises, there […]

November 9th, 2013|Consciousness, Physicality|

Lowest Common Denominator

It is the common belief of most philosophies and religions that humanity is intrinsically good; yet, when left to its own devices, many seem to revert to the lowest common denominator of their baser nature, rather than their lofty ideals.

Now that may be seen as a harsh judgment, and admittedly, there are those who shine brightest in their darkest night. Yet, humanity seems to need to have constraints to protect it from itself by laws and treaties. Without rules, humanity can quickly become barbaric, as evidenced by ages of war and days of peace. As a result, everyone becomes suspect in your world, and you anticipate the worst rather than expect the best.
Humanity seems to be its own greatest disappointment to the promise that has been made.
You need neither protest nor agree with what we say, but simply be observant of the state of affairs of your community, country and world. Do you walk through life feeling safe? Do you anticipate the stranger you encounter at night wishes you no harm? No? Why not? We speak to these issues to neither judge nor criticize, but to assist in the answer to the question that by now we believe you […]

September 7th, 2013|Consciousness|

The Pitfall of Polarity

In metaphysical circles there has been a long standing belief that there is no polarity in consciousness—good or bad, right or wrong, even hot and cold—do not exist. Everything just is.
We of the realms concur, but as many of the universal truths emerging in the consciousness of humanity, they are perceived before they are understood. To simply declare to those residing in a third-dimensional reality that there is no polarity is not only foolhardy but impractical to implement without some explanation.
Perhaps at this point it may be worth reminding the reader that consciousness is the melting pot of potential, and within it all creation exits.  From, let’s say, consciousness’ point of view, “If it is, it exists. If it exists, it is” without judgment, comment or evaluation. Some may at this point ask, “What about evil?” Let us be clear that this discussion is about understanding polarity, and the reality or validity of evil is for another time.
Now we are well aware that humanity lives in a world of polarity and will until enlightenment has firmly embedded itself into the human psyche, but understanding the source of it is beneficial in putting it into perspective.
Polarity is the result of […]

September 2nd, 2013|Consciousness|

The Singularity of Consciousness

We have spoken of the innumerable alternate realities that exist which are created by your thoughts and choices. We have also indicated that you are continually moving within them based upon your current thoughts and behaviors since you exist consciously in only one physical reality at a time.

Be it a profound shift or a subtle move in the venue of your life, the process of movements remain the same. The process is that the reality in which you dwell and the one you desire are in harmonic resonance with each other. What is the connective tissue of conscious between them? The most dramatic leaps in consciousness are made with a single step in thought.
How do you move from your current reality to the one you desire?
There are two elements that must be contained within the creative process to effectively make the shift. The first is to remove any resistance to your current situation, and second, create commonality between where you are and where you wish to be– thus creating an energetic resonance between the two.

Let us explain. As most are aware, we have often instructed our readers that resistance chains you to the focus of your disdain. Therefore, it […]

May 16th, 2013|Consciousness|

Choices and Options

Options empower choices. In fact, it is impossible to have choice without them and there is always choice; so there must then be options available at all times. As a result, there is never a dead end in consciousness or a one-way thought that cannot be reversed.

Most who read this concept though have experienced that dead end in thinking or the trapped feeling that comes from an inability to reverse the direction they are heading. Though very real to the conscious mind, these two scenarios of thought are not truth; for, there are always options, and therefore, choice to every situation or circumstance in life.
What causes you to believe you are without options?
Though there are many motives and emotions that contribute to these feelings—be it resistance, judgment, beliefs or lack of understanding, to mention but a few—the acceptance of powerlessness is the primary cause of this error thought in consciousness. An attitude of being powerful is born from an acceptance that you are in dominion in your life and a creator of it. Dominion always, yes always, creates options be you willing or not to accept this reality. That is why there is always choice in your life because […]

May 2nd, 2013|Consciousness|

Creation and Consciousness

As we have taught, creation and consciousness are in a symbiotic relationship; neither is the source of the other nor does cause and effect play a part in their relationship.

We understand that humanity is deeply rooted in the belief that the creator, i.e. consciousness, is the source of creation. How possibly could creation not be the result of the creator?

It is best understood by first stating that creation, in human terms, is a process—therein lies the confusion. In consciousness, creation is a state of being, but in either case it is an expression of the creator.  That does not make it a result but rather the awareness of it.

Consciousness must be comprehended to be conscious. That is what creation provides: consciousness’ comprehension of itself and why they are equal. In fact, more than equal, they are one in the same.

To fully accept this concept, you must move beyond the physical norms of creation; for pure thought is pure creation simultaneously expressing as the absolute comprehension and acceptance of itself. It is worth noting that this is the source of love.

We have stated that the universe is God. This must be so; for it is God’s comprehension of itself.

The concept […]

February 13th, 2013|Consciousness|

The Mathematics of Consciousness

The art of numbers has, since recorded time, played a part in the divination of predictions of personal as well as universal events. Numerology is a recognized means, by some, to determine the optimum time for action and the value and impact the relationship of quantities have upon each other. Many people use sacred geometry and astronomers and scientists have agreed that mathematics is the universal language.

There obviously seems to be a correlation between numbers, the universe and consciousness—but what is it? How does it function? What is its relationship in understanding consciousness? Can consciousness be expressed in mathematical terms or could consciousness actually be a mathematical formula?

Is consciousness a mathematical function? Not quite but its footprint, so to say, can be mathematically calculated. “What!” one might question, “are we to throw down our holy books and reach for our calculators?” No, don’t throw your holy book down but, yes, keep your calculator handy.

Now let’s clearly state that mathematics does not alone run the universe, but the universe is mathematically predictable in its functioning. Therefore, if the universe is mathematical and consciousness is the universe, consciousness is mathematical. If A=B and B=C, then A=C. Enough of preliminary math, consciousness […]

February 6th, 2013|Consciousness|

Spoken Prayers, Silent Answers

We are well aware that a majority of humanity, in one form or another, prays. The format and beliefs may differ, but the intent and purpose are the same—that of connection and communication with the divine.
Requests are as varied as the consciousnesses of those praying.
Prayers of petition are one of the primary forms, requests ranging from blessings to curses are heard around the globe—some seem to be heard, others overlooked. Is it the luck of the draw that determines which requests the divine grants? Or are only the prayers of the most devout heard? The result leaves the petitioner with an uncomfortable feeling toward the value or availability of the divine to grant their requests.

To understand the dynamic of the prayer of petition, you must first dismiss the anthropomorphic image of the divine with its human traits and decision-making processes. Secondly, accept that you alone hold the key to the door through which all prayers are answered. We understand that the negative ego would quickly grab that concept and point its judgmental finger accusingly at your failure to receive God’s gifts.  That is not what this statement means; rather, it indicates that the sentry at the door to divine […]

January 9th, 2013|Consciousness|

Above the Fray

The human experience can be chaotic and confusing. It is easy for an individual to be immersed in it to the point of inundation. The result is then to become reactive rather than proactive and perhaps, we could say, consciously panicked.
When we speak of being above the fray, we are not saying not to participate in your life; for human existence is not a spectator sport.
To be able to step away from the tumult to evaluate causes and access abilities is an important part of taking back the creative process in your life. Otherwise, if you allow your life to control your thoughts, rather than your thoughts creating your life, you have abdicated your responsibility and right to be a conscious creator.

What we are suggesting is to allow yourself permission to put things in perspective, to take into account your whole being as a participant in your life and a co-creator of what you are experiencing. In universal terms, there is always a life preserver for the “drowning” person. Calming your mind and stilling your actions allows you to see above the waves to the life preserver floating nearby.
We understand that it can be a difficult thing to do, […]

December 27th, 2012|Consciousness, Enlightenment|

Introspection of an Awakening Mind

Perhaps the most ignored, yet profound fact, is that you exist. If you are reading these words you “are.” Yet who you are? We hear a litany of names and life roles being uttered; yet, we have asked, “Who are you?”

In some ways, existence is seen, should we say, as so commonplace that humanity does not question it. Try looking behind the eyes that read these words and, therefore, the mind that comprehends them. Are you defined by that? And what is that? Can you stand back from your own awareness and observe yourself? And if so, then who is observing? Is it not you?

Therefore, is it possible to escape first person perspective? Do you ever comprehend yourself from outside yourself or are we just talking mind games? How can you know yourself if you can never observe yourself? Is third person observation possible?

In the physical world, humanity depends on feedback from others. But what we are asking is: can you observe yourself from a third person point of view? All else in your reality is seen from that perspective except yourself.

So we ask you, should you, or why would you want to observe yourself from outside of yourself? We […]

October 17th, 2012|Consciousness, Enlightenment|

Creation is Your Friend

Rely and sustain yourselves in the ever present consciousness of the creator; for, the eternal awareness of God is ever present, and you cannot be separated from it. There is nothing that exists and that does not possess the creative force and consciousness of God.

The goal of humanity is to allow that pure presence to express by aligning one’s thoughts and actions, emotions and words with that creative force. Darkness is the absence of light; negativity is the absence of that conscious presence of God. You enlighten your world by the acknowledgement, the surrender and the dominion into the creative source that permeates all that exists.
Welcome it. Allow it to sustain you; for, just as the laws of nature sustain creation, the laws of consciousness sustain you.
The work is not to attain–the task at hand is to remove those obstacles that you have placed in your way by erroneous thinking and beliefs, and enlightenment will occur naturally.

Allow consciousness to nurture you, as nature nurtures the fragile sprout that emerges from the soil. Be confident, clear and conscious that the creative force in the world about you is the same in you, and just as creation has an innate knowledge […]

September 19th, 2012|Consciousness, Creation|

Co-creation in the Physical House of Consciousness

Contemplate your consciousness and rejoice; for, all is well in your world. Your consciousness is the creator of your reality; through challenges and trials, obstacles and hindrances occur, you are greater and more powerful than any negativity in your life.

You are immortal and those things that seemingly get in your way are but a pebble on your path.

The occurrence of negativity and evil are often misunderstood as a personal flaw in one’s life. Rather, on this planet you live in a co-creation of consciousness in which elements of light and darkness simultaneously reside. Remember, just as the candle chases away the darkness so does your consciousness. That does not mean that you do not see darkness; for even the candle is aware of it, but nothing can hinder light. You transform the darkness by your light, and when negativity is encountered you become impregnable by your light.
Consciousness is a co-creation in the physical world, and you have the option and opportunity to participate, transform or transmute all that you encounter.
Therefore, be unafraid of darkness for you always reside in light. Hold, enkindle and call forth the intentional consciousness of what you desire to create. Bask in the light of […]

September 12th, 2012|Consciousness, Physicality|


Legends are not always what they are thought to be. They are not fantasies; for, they are born from a seed of truth. Though often historically unsubstantiated they are recorded with the same validity as identifiable historical events.

Legends are the incarnation of consciousness created by those of the realms who perceive it to be more advantageous to be an influence upon, rather than a player in the human experience. Their consciousness inspires cultures and creates a certain commonality of human experience. The legend becomes real; the consciousness that inspired it definitely is.

When the non-incarnate consciousnesses merges with the human psyche, the information, the knowledge and the insight become theirs. You become inseparable from the consciousness that speaks to you. It is an infusion and a joining of your mind with their mind. If the objects of the legend never actually existed and resided only in the minds of humanity, would it make them any less real? The objects of legends are the definition of a greater consciousness waiting to be expressed. They are real because of their birth in consciousness; they are real because of the collective consciousness that holds them dear.

That is the meaning and the message of the legend.

August 15th, 2012|Consciousness|

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