Co-Conscious Creators

You have often heard the expression “co-creators.” But co-conscious creators, we think, might be a little more unique.

Be it a metaphysical concept, a business decision, a social shift or a community interaction, being a co-creator—a co-participant in the creation of a common desire or goal—is something that is understood. We have even spoken of you being co-creators in the creative process of the universe, the power that emanates from co-creation where individuals join into one common consciousness and action for a common purpose.

Co-consciousness is a little different. Whereas co-creation speaks of that which is being created, co-consciousness speaks of the multiple aspects of self that are participants in the creative process. Through our discussions, we have instructed that you are multi-dimensional beings, expressive on many levels of consciousness. Therefore, it would be logical and, indeed, advantageous to solicit those various aspects of consciousness in the creative process.
The source, the creator, God, is a co-consciousness. It is the multiple aspects of self united in one thought for a creative purpose.
You are well aware that you are on a journey of self-expansion and spiritual awakening. In that evolutionary process of development is the discovery of other aspects of yourself. Upon the […]

May 20th, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

Unanchoring in Order to Sail the Seas of Consciousness

The present moment is the moment of all power and potentiality. Many philosophies, psychologies, and alternative approaches to healing recognize this.
The only moment you have, or will have, is in the present.
Yet often your focus, and therefore, your conscious awareness, waivers from the firm rock of the present moment with investments in the past or future. The present moment can be a slippery slope for human consciousness to maintain a foothold.

The present moment is a combination of the here and now; it holds many secrets and promises of which the human consciousness is unaware. Within the present moment, the eternal here and the eternal now reside. It is the springboard for possibilities and potentials, the realization of goals and the capturing of dreams when you are willing to unanchor yourself from past circumstances and situations, emotions and beliefs, and future concerns or fears—and even hopes.
The building blocks for the future are found in the present moments of the now.
Yes, you must visualize and affirm what you desire for the future, but you must fully and completely live in the present moment. While planning the future or seeking to release the past, you can often live there—waiting for something to […]

May 6th, 2011|Consciousness, Spirituality|

The Core of Consciousness

Let us review and add another level to the concept of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Mind when you are acknowledge the potentiality and possibilities available to you, therefore, erasing limitations or preconceived ideas.

— You know you are in the Consciousness of the One Thought when you have access to your intuitive nature.

— And you know you are in the Consciousness of the One Soul when your life is in harmony and balance, and you are manifesting your soul’s desires.

So what do you do when you don’t experience a connection to these levels of consciousness?
There is a formula that can be followed to reconnect you in consciousness.
–If you are feeling limitation because you are not in connection with the potentiality and the creativity of the One Mind: ACKNOWLEDGE that all things are possible and you have all potential.

–If your intuition and insight is clouded by subjective filters and beliefs you are out of alignment with the One Thought you are called upon to: SURRENDER those thoughts, belief, ideas and emotions that block the creative power of the One Mind.

–When you feel powerless and out of […]

April 20th, 2011|Consciousness, The One Mind|

Thoughts on Empowered Consciousness

In truth, you are only in power, and you are never a victim.

Intellectualization has no place in Consciousness. Intellectualization occurs when one is not embracing their divinity through either manifestation, intuition and insight, or creativity.

When you surrender and declare your dominion, you give us a pathway in your reality. Acknowledgment, Surrender and Dominion are the keys that allow us to work the miracles, that allows what you call God to be present in your life.

Part of the key of being good students is being tolerant of yourself, judgment has no place here and only hinders that process of attainment.

Actions do not create intent, intent creates action.

Everyday it assists you to become more united with each other, more connected to yourself. Do not allow the negative ego to sour your experiences of the world in which you dwell.

The dark night of the soul is when one breaks through the etheric membrane, like punching yourself out of a bag. It takes some effort and continual focus.

There is no separation even of the slightest degree of Consciousness between we and you. We are the evolutionary process of your spiritual growth and attainment. We are your destiny in which you have already arrived.

The […]

April 8th, 2011|Consciousness|

Pursuit, Progress, Perfection

Actions and reactions in the third-dimensional plane of existence are particularly curious and uniquely controlled by internal thought and external events. Within the laws of physics there is action and reaction, cause and effect, beginnings and endings. These aspects of third-dimensional existence play an important part in the potential and the power of intentional action.
In the higher realms of consciousness where duality does not exist, the past has never been and the future has already arrived.
There is instantaneous manifestation without any physical effort or energy to bring it into realization one’s thoughts. On the physical plane of existence action is the bridge between the thought and the destination, the belief and the attainment, the dream and one’s goal. It is a vitally important part of the creative process in the physical world. It is true that as one develops expertise in the use of their consciousness, the necessary action to attain an end result becomes less and perhaps nonexistent.

Probably the most evident of this manifestation without action is miracles. What is a miracle but an end result created by a desire without any evident action? Therefore, action is the means by which one maneuvers through the laws of the […]

February 17th, 2011|Consciousness|

The Archives of Consciousness

The Diary of the Universe
Available to all of humanity is the sum total of all knowledge that has been accumulated from the moment of creation. One only needs to be attuned, alert and willing in order to hear, to be instructed and guided by that Consciousness. One’s very existence validates one’s participation in that Consciousness. You are not, nor have you ever been, orphaned from the Source of your existence or participation in that which has created your awareness.
Access to the archives of Consciousness is unlocked by one’s willingness to look beyond the five senses.
To be open to the idea that the reality that they physically perceive is not the totality of that which exists. Becoming adept at utilizing the spiritual senses of intuition, vision, perception and awareness, to open the doors of understanding into a realms of enlightenment. Humanity is not only the physical expression of Consciousness but contained within that expression is access to the very infinite breath of knowledge, wisdom and understanding to maneuver through one’s physical existence.

Each and every individual, no matter what their education, their intelligence and even their level of common sense has access to the accumulation of all experience and thought as […]

February 16th, 2011|Consciousness|

Feel the Earth Move

Feel the earth move beneath your feet. These are the lyrics of the song that speak of that very fact. Indeed, it is lyrical and speaks of love. We, rather, speak literally to you: Feel the earth move beneath your feet.

In the recent past and even currently there have been numerous earthquakes and volcanoes. Now let us be clear that we are neither indicating that they are extraordinary events nor are we predicting some catastrophic occurrence, rather we are saying to be sensitive to the shifts of the planet. There are numerous stories of animals that respond prior to some catastrophic event. Animals run to the hills before a tsunami or react to an upcoming earthquake. Humanity also has that sensory perception but fails to recognize it or utilize it.
It is important to identify that sensory perception’s impact on the human psyche.
If listened to it is an innate signal that provides an alarm and protection. It allows you to be sensitive to and participatory in the environmental circumstances in which you dwell. Secondly, when not listened to or responded to it becomes a nagging voice in the background of your mind that something is not right, that you are […]

February 15th, 2011|Consciousness, Physicality|

Upon the Spiral Stairs

Upon the Spiral Stairs is a powerful 12 month program of affirmations for the purpose of raising your Consciousness. You can begin whenever you wish, simply start with Step 1 and affirm daily that set of affirmations for a month and then proceed to the next step upon the Spiral Stairs and repeat the process. The words “One Mind and One Thought” may be replaced with anything within your belief system such as “God, Jesus, Spirit, etc.”

An affirmation is a statement made in the present about a future event as if it has already occurred. The following set of affirmations is transformative when practiced and affirms the perfect perception of Consciousness in our lives while initiating the transformative process of denial to acknowledgment, alienation to surrender, and powerlessness to dominion.

When we affirm we are willing to participate, to accept and willing to be in divine will they become a creative force in our lives.

Step 1 – INTEGRATION — physical integration.

I choose I am willing to accept my physical reality from the One Mind and the One Thought.

I choose I am willing to participate in the physical reality of the One Mind and the One Thought.

I choose I am willing for my physical reality to […]

December 6th, 2010|Consciousness, Soul, The One Mind|

Consciousness & Creation

It is your creation, yet all creations when surrendered into the Oneness of All That Is can only assist in returning you to that place of Awareness.

Understand the ascent process is a continuation of the impetus of the universe to return to itself and complete the cycle, and become more than it was when it began.

Somehow humanity has this illusion that they reside here, that they reside in the universe, that it is their host, their home. They are the universe. The universe is as much you as you are with your body. You do not live in the universe, you are the universe.

Challenge yourselves to be courageous enough to choose a different way. Do not hide behind the powerless voice of the negative ego for it steals your joy, your power.

If you go about your day and do not surrender or declare your dominion you must then be content with the reality you have created.

Remind yourselves that nothing is done unto you. You create all things unto yourself and you can choose freely and easily whatever you wish.

And never forget you have the right to give up and you have the right to succeed. But whichever you do, […]

November 16th, 2010|Consciousness, Creation|

A Simple Degree of Separation

Consciousness, like a compass, guides the traveler towards their destination. In the physical plane of existence, one is familiar with distance, time, direction in moving towards a predetermined goal. In the fourth dimensional realms, there are also parameters of orientation that assist the spiritual traveler towards the predetermined goals of Consciousness they wish to obtain.

In the physical plane, one has come through experience, trial and error to learn to maneuver towards their destination and around obstacles that might be in their way. In the spiritual realms, the traveler must also learn the points of orientation that guides them towards their goal.

What is a degree in consciousness? Is it simply an intriguing phrase or does it truly have substantial meaning to assist individuals on their journey to enlightenment? Is the human mind simply out-of-focus and therefore misses the opportunities to observe spiritual guidance? Or is it more complex than that?

To understand the degree in Consciousness, one must be clear in what Consciousness means. Consciousness is the intelligent orientation of one’s existence. Think about that for a moment. Why is a being sentient? Why do we refer to the creator or the source as Consciousness and you as Consciousness incarnate? Sentient […]

August 25th, 2010|Consciousness, Physicality|

The Portal of Power

There are many definitions and descriptions that seek to explain humanity’s presence upon this earth. Varying philosophies have been presented, numerous theological theses have been offered in an attempt to explain the phenomena called humanity. Each offers a glimpse, an insight, into a complex event that propels the emergence of humanity into physical existence.
Humanity’s consciousness is a portal of power.
It is a powerful, creative force in the physical plane of existence, an open doorway into the fourth dimension, a passageway in which God itself can pass. The advent of humanity’s existence and those of other sentient beings throughout the universe dramatically changed the face of the universe.
For Creation to exist, Consciousness must exist.
For Consciousness to exist, it must be expressed in Creation. It is inevitable and a necessary component of Creation for Consciousness and Creation to merge as one. Therefore, this primordial mixture of Consciousness and Creation must be acknowledged as the primary force and source of existence in the universe.

Each and every human consciousness, every sentient being throughout all the universes expresses this gift. To be consciously aware of oneself is to share in the divine expression of Creation—and is sacred. You are sacred, not only because you hold […]

May 18th, 2010|Consciousness, Spirituality|

Community of Consciousness

There is great wisdom and understanding to be gained by understanding your participation in the community of Consciousness. When you understand your contribution as well as its effect on individual lives, you are better able to maneuver this physical plane of existence, more able to accomplish goals both secular and spiritual. When you are connected to the collective consciousness, not only of humanity but of the realms, you are better prepared for the challenges of life and the ease of mastery. You are well aware that the physical plane of existence has many challenges at this time, and that the collective consciousness of humanity varies greatly from moment to moment.
Perhaps the Community of Consciousness can be seen as a double-edged sword.
Soaring one moment into spiritual heights, and then plummeting the next into the depths of the human condition. A roller coaster ride in consciousness from hope and peace to fear and anxiety. One may feel trapped, strapped on this ride, condemned to a circle of ups and downs from which they cannot escape.

Yet the collective consciousness holds the truth, the wisdom, the understanding, the peace and the perception to attain all things. The collective consciousness of All That Is has varying degrees of […]

January 1st, 2010|Consciousness, Enlightenment|

Tranquil Seas of Consciousness

Upon the tranquil seas of your life experiences, you can find the inner understanding and meaning to your existence. But those waters often become tossed and turned by the negative ego conscious, thereby limiting that understanding. Human existence is fraught with many challenges. This truth is not a condemnation to a life of stress and anxiety; for, you are conquerors by consciousness without ever lifting the sword of power, the knife of vengeance or the club of retaliation. You are the spiritual warriors, the peaceful participants in your world.

Peace, love, wisdom and dominion are your shield, your helmet, your armor and your sword. All that is not in alignment with the Consciousness of God is not eternal. It takes a consistent, constant consciousness to maintain that which is not in the mind of God such as hatred, aggression, dominance and darkness. Those things that have eternally existed need no external attention for them to exist. At the moment of creation there was only light. The point of creation resided in a sea of possibility and potential, not darkness. It is the human belief in duality in which the concept of darkness was created. When, in reality, there are only degrees of light. It […]

December 18th, 2009|Consciousness|

Pending Shift in Consciousness

The pending shift in consciousness is defined by the ever-increasing awareness of the oneness of All That Is–and as a result the demise of the negative ego consciousness. The negative ego consciousness is that self identification that sees one’s individual expression in conflict and competition with the other aspects of creation. The negative ego consciousness sees its environment and the individuals within it as a threat. The negative ego consciousness is born from the belief of vulnerability and powerlessness in the environment in which one lives.
The dichotomy of this current phase of existence, where the ever-increasing awareness of the Oneness of All That Is with its support and assistance to each aspect of creation, is its hallmark.
On the other hand, the turbulent upheavals in finance, society, government and health created by the disintegration of the old paradigms of social interaction confront this new belief. These upheavals create fertile ground for the negative ego consciousness. As a result the negative ego desperately grasps at human consciousness to drag it back down into the belief that one lives in a reality in which they have no control. As a result in the death throes of the negative ego consciousness, its affect becomes […]

September 22nd, 2009|Consciousness|

Consciousness of Dominion

Physical expression is arbitrary and forever changing. Consciousness is eternal. Your physical locale, your chronological place in existence, your physical expression are only limitations when one separates themselves from the consciousness of All That Is. When one reunites in The One Mind and The One Thought, access to the totality of creation, inter-dimensionally, spatially and chronologically are available. It was never meant to be that individual consciousness would be orphaned from the eternal mind of All That Is.
Just as a hand or a leg identifies with the mind that directs them, so, it was to be in the beginning that physical expression was just an instrument, truly a pen, in the hand of God.
It is understood that humanity faced a fall in Consciousness. Some see it as a spiritual punishment for wrong doing. The more metaphysical approach to this fall is humanity’s loss of its conscious awareness of All That Is through the lowering of its vibrations as it entered the third dimensional plane of existence. Whatever one’s belief system is, one thing remains the same, humanity is striving to return to a state of perfection.
The fall of humanity is a gift from the souls that chose to participate […]

August 24th, 2009|Consciousness, Physicality|

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