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Prayer as Communion

Prayer is necessary to connect with and reunite with those aspects on the larger whole that you have forgotten. Prayer, in some ways, is speaking to yourself, but not this self–the Only Self.
Prayer is an acknowledgement and a communion with your true self.
It creates the pattern of conscious connection and communication with the oneness of […]

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Path Of The Soul

Your greatest challenge is service and the understanding and implementation of the path of your soul. The path of the soul is a process orientation, not a product of your actions. Out of the process comes the product, the task of the soul. The path of the soul is always for your own development. […]

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Eternal Growth

Eternal Growth – Infinite Understanding
Throughout our dialogue with you, we have spoken to you of All That Is. Our question to you: Is All That Is a quantitative amount? Is it potentiality? Does it change? Can it change? Should it change? Is All That Is a stable or unchangeable force or is it fluid […]

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One Liners from The One Mind

Spiritual mastery is being in control of you. Spiritual mastery is the utilization of spiritual power for your highest good and the highest good of all.

Human history is no different than a program in a computer, it is written by humans.

There is a source of love, peace, joy, contentment, that when you seek the […]

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