Your greatest challenge is service and the understanding and implementation of the path of your soul. The path of the soul is a process orientation, not a product of your actions. Out of the process comes the product, the task of the soul. The path of the soul is always for your own development. The task is the product aspect, be it teacher, tiller, visionary, or service. It would serve you well to review what is the path of your soul; the path of your soul is very personal and self oriented. The path of the soul is the vine upon which the task of your soul blossoms.

You will have greater peace, understanding, less stress, even less frustration in you life, if you understand your path.

When one keeps an alignment of the path of the soul, they are less likely to be out of balance and expend unnecessary energy. Because when you are task oriented, you are always trying to make it better, improve it. From the soul path comes the task. It emanates from it. The soul path is the individual choices, deep level choices, that the soul has chosen to experience for its own learning and growth into the awareness of All That Is. The task is the gift back to the source and creates the connection for the flow of energy.

The path permeates everything you do from the sublime to the perfunctory.

With that recognition nothing is meaningless, be it mopping the floor, or taking out the trash, whatever. When one focuses only upon the task at hand, one loses the sweetness that every moment of life holds.

The greatness of who you are is not determined by what you did, but who you became.