Prayer is necessary to connect with and reunite with those aspects on the larger whole that you have forgotten. Prayer, in some ways, is speaking to yourself, but not this self–the Only Self.

Prayer is an acknowledgement and a communion with your true self.

It creates the pattern of conscious connection and communication with the oneness of All That Is. Prayer does not make you subservient; it is an acknowledgement of equality. You are the only species on the planet that consciously prays. Every thought, action or word is a prayer. The concept of prayer is much too limited, it acknowledges a conscious communication with All That Is. You are always in conscious communication and communion and, therefore, always in prayer. The greatest act of love and the most hideous act of treachery are both prayers but to which god. Prayer is interaction and communion with the oneness of All That Is. Prayer, in the greater sense, is always happening.

The god-source will always answer your prayers. When you communicate and connect with that oneness of All That Is, the conscious thoughts will become closer and closer in alignment with your divine will. Prayer is the highest form of all action. It is not the greatest act, we said it was the highest form. All other actions are subsidiary.

We reinvite you to be holy, not pious, people.

There is a lesson to be taught. Prayer is always from a place of self worth. Is that not an interesting concept? It is communication–to communicate one must be on some equal basis. And from that communication, that acknowledgement, is a state created from the experience of the divine. Prayer is an experience. It is a state. It is not a litany of words, or a ritual of form. It is whenever one communicates in whatever form and acknowledges the presence of divinity. This that we do is prayer. Service can be prayer. Meditation can be prayer. We challenge you to be prayer-filled, holy people. Unfortunately, those words trigger very strong imprints.

Prayer is not much different than conversing or interacting with a close friend. You communicate with them, you acknowledge them, you feel connected to them, and that connection is holy.

That is the challenge for yourselves, that is the challenge for those coming from the upbringing and culture regarding prayer. The word God is reeked with images, we never wish you to pray to that image of what your perception of God has been. Rather we invite you to commune with us, to commune with All That Is. Is there a source? Indeed, that which expresses itself in you.