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The Dings and Dents

The Dings and Dents of Daily Living
Life has been extolled as a beautiful, precious opportunity but it is not always easy.  Unfortunately, many of its difficulties are often inflicted unnecessarily and without thought. It is not always the direct assault of someone “gunning” for you that causes the greatest emotional and psychological damage but […]

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Rains of Enlightenment

The soul of humanity is parched from a drought of meaningful words of comfort, understanding and empowerment. The messages of greed, chaos, confusion, doubt and fear has dried up the rivers of peace, understanding, hope, faith and love that naturally and effortlessly flow through the gardens of humanity’s mind. It has been said only […]

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Motivation in Manifestation

We have spoken throughout our teachings of the power of your thoughts in creating what you desire in your life—focus and deliberate visualization being essential for the realization of your desires.
Yet, thought alone does not a manifestation make. The emotional content of your request is what propels it into realization—thus motivation in manifestation.
Motivation is an […]

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Synchronicity is the result when The One Mind and The One Thought merge.
Is not paradise absolute synchronicity?
When you move into the One Mind and One Thought, you are one with your environment, you know what the next moment holds, you know what exists around the bend in the road, you are guided in harmony, […]

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