Synchronicity is the result when The One Mind and The One Thought merge.

Is not paradise absolute synchronicity?

When you move into the One Mind and One Thought, you are one with your environment, you know what the next moment holds, you know what exists around the bend in the road, you are guided in harmony, balance and peace.

The One Mind and One Thought when merged is absolute peace, absolute joy, absolute harmony and absolute love.

Even time and space and the dimensions are at your command for the One Mind and One Thought is the greatest expression of existence. The I AM is the source, the One Mind, existence, the One Thought, creation. That is the truth of being, the dimensional houses of existence are based upon the mastery of that concept of the One Mind and the One Thought.

I Am and existence go hand-in-hand; one does not exist without the other. It is the ultimate definition of the masculine/feminine energy of the world; it is the beloved and the lover; it is the beholder and beheld.

Duality is the degree to which one separates the One Mind from the One Thought, or the I Am from Existence.

Even humanity places existence outside of itself. That is a tendency for one to separate from creation, submerge themselves in their existence, rather than existence itself. When you ultimately see the I AM and existence are inseparable you have moved into the Consciousness of God. That is how the creator and the creation are one.

You step beyond one’s individualized expression when you say they are God or divine.

In the One Mind and One Thought you are, indeed, God. Seeing yourself as a drop of water in an ocean–that is your individual perception. In the One Mind and One Thought, you are the totality of the ocean.