We have spoken throughout our teachings of the power of your thoughts in creating what you desire in your life—focus and deliberate visualization being essential for the realization of your desires.

Yet, thought alone does not a manifestation make. The emotional content of your request is what propels it into realization—thus motivation in manifestation.

Motivation is an often-overlooked element of the manifestation process. You know what you want but why you want it is equally important to identify; for it is the essence of the energy within the creation.

You may have a quick response to what your motivation is, but we ask you to take a second look.  It may not be what you suspect. Motivation is vastly misunderstood and often misidentified and is responsible for many mis-creations. The manifestor got what they asked for, but not what they expected. Motivation fine-tunes the manifestation. You might be visualizing a new job for the purpose of security.  However, because you did not identify the importance of security or ask for it in your petition of prayer, your new job offers you none.

Your motivation is actually what you are asking for. The object of your manifestation is the vehicle in which to receive it. It is the package it comes in—what you really want.

Motivation gives depth and meaning to your creations and makes sure the “shoe fits,” and you’re not just getting any ol’ a pair of shoes.

To understand your motivation, take some time for sincere introspection and honest assessment of why you are asking.

Don’t accept necessarily the first thought that comes into your mind or a rote response of what your motivation “should be” because it may not be. Motivation personalizes the manifestation to your specifications. It is essential to know why you want something–not just that you want it–or you will never possess it.

You may even find, after some soul searching and identification of your motives, you may not really want what you thought you did or were asking for the wrong reasons.

So how do you identify your motivation? How does it make you feel? What emotional need does it fill?

You may be manifesting for a car and would say, “My manifestation is transportation to get to work to make money to live.” So is the motivation money? No, perhaps security—but not money. All–yes, all processes of manifestation are born from an intangible desire, never from a tangible need.

Identify the intangible beyond the physical, and you have identified the motivation. It is that which you truly desire. In fact, humanity often hinders the universe in providing you with your requests by limiting the options you are willing to accept. Ask and manifest for, let’s say, security and the rest will come.

Identifying your motives makes your manifestation a multi-dimensional creation.

So don’t ask for the car? No, go ahead but understand why you are asking and what you can be is confident that you will be secure—perhaps in ways you never expected.

Let your motives be your manifestation, and all else will be given to you besides.