The soul of humanity is parched from a drought of meaningful words of comfort, understanding and empowerment. The messages of greed, chaos, confusion, doubt and fear has dried up the rivers of peace, understanding, hope, faith and love that naturally and effortlessly flow through the gardens of humanity’s mind. It has been said only drowning individuals can be saved. Perhaps humanity in its arrogance, in its need to be in dominance, its illusion that it exists separately and independently from the planet on which they dwell and the universe in which they live, has strangled and dammed up the flow of the cool waters of understanding, insight and truth that quenches the soul.

The “cathedrals” of the human spirit are again filled with the prodigal children of humanity’s thoughts, awaiting, praying for a spark of insight and a flicker of understanding. The Universe, the creative force of All That Is hears the plea of its children and the cries of the ones who call them forth into existence.

The obstacles that have stood in the way of humanity’s understanding of the truth are being cast away as the floodgates of enlightenment are opened upon this planet.

Though unseen to the conscious mind, the gentle rain of awareness and awakening fall lightly upon the parched earth of humanity’s reality. This is a gifted time. You but need to open your mind and cup the hands of your soul to receive an abundant flow of everything that you need. From the arid, desolate environment of humanity’s creation will blossom forth like flowers in the desert after a rain, the beauty, the truth, the awareness of who you are and where you truly dwell.