The Dings and Dents of Daily Living

Life has been extolled as a beautiful, precious opportunity but it is not always easy.  Unfortunately, many of its difficulties are often inflicted unnecessarily and without thought. It is not always the direct assault of someone “gunning” for you that causes the greatest emotional and psychological damage but the insults, insensitivity and inconsideration that you receive on a daily basis that are most harmful.

Humanity’s individual pain, often expressed in subtleties, erodes away at the quality of your life and those around you. As a result, to use an analogy, your life becomes like an old car that has lost its luster, dented and dinged but still runs.

The damage inflicted when these dings and dents occur often go unnoticed, ignored or disregarded, but they still leave their mark on the “finish” of your life.

All humanity has been both on the giving and receiving end of these seeming minor insults and injuries in their lives. As a result, life becomes, perhaps unconsciously, unsafe and even dangerous. A gnawing sense of vulnerability and a need to fortress oneself against others becomes commonplace.

Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that insults, insensitivity and inconsideration–no matter how small, that humanity has come to accept as socially acceptable behavior–are not a systemic infection of consciousness that if left unchecked can fracture the very foundation of oneness.

Often the defense for such behavior is that it is spoken in jest or thoughtlessly uttered and wasn’t meant, but it is always out of judgment that humanity will sling its barbs and arrows at its often unsuspecting victims.

Do not destroy the luster of your life by the little dents and dings you inflict on others.

For, as you well know, judgment is of self–so the “stones” you throw will ricochet back to your direction. Be conscious and careful to tame your thoughts and words, and respect that even the smallest of insults, insensitivity and inconsideration has a lasting effect on you—not necessarily the one you inflicted it upon.

Which brings us to the point that when the “stones” are thrown at you,  you have a choice to emotionally dodge and psychologically duck their aim, and therefore, remain unscathed.

Be guardian of your thoughts and sentry at the gate of your words. There is a saying among you that is not ours but we concur,

“Do not speak of a thing unless it is necessary, it is kind and it is true.”

This attitude will remove the dings and dents that you have inflicted on your life and make your life “shiny and new” again.